Resident Evil Village Retail Comparison Puts Xbox Series X Above PS5 in Term of Performance

Resident Evil Village is out on May 7 but some outlets already have an early copy of the game. The final retail version has been compared on PS5 and XSX.

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seanpitt23258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

It’s Marginal.. the more important thing is VRR you won’t even feel the drops on the Xbox sx, a feature that ps5 needs quick..

Jin_Sakai257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

I have a Series X and OLED C9 with VRR but I still notice some slight frame drops?

Gridknac257d ago

Not with VRR you don't. You would if it was a big drop like 20fps, but 5-6 fps drop you would never notice. Thats why theres been such a big deal about freesync and gsync monitors (the original vrr screens). I play on a Alienware AW3418DW Ultrawide gsync monitor.

Jin_Sakai257d ago

I’ve got VRR tuned on the Series X but still notice the frame drops. Odd.

seanpitt23257d ago

If it’s in the 50s you won’t.. but obviously if it goes in to the 40s you will VRR can only do so much

I_am_Batman257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

First check if you have the newest firmware as there were some issues with VRR on older firmwares of the C9. Also check if you have instant game response activated for the HDMI port you're using.

If you still notice frame drops it might be because:

-VRR can't do anything about the inherent stutter of lower frame rates. 30-40 fps is just less fluid than 50-60fps, because your brain has less information to process.

-While judder gets highly reduced, it can't eliminate the inherent judder of highly fluctuating frame times.

Without VRR any frame that doesn't get rendered in time causes the last frame to persist on screen twice as long, because you're forced to wait for Vsync. This is obviously very noticeable. So you should see a much better result with VRR enabled compared to a standard VSync in any realistic use case.


I think you're Cappin. I have a LG CX and I don't feel ANY drop frames on my Series X. What games are you playing when you notice drops? I call BS.

Gaming4Life1981257d ago

I returned 2 oled tvs because [email protected] with hdr, vrr etc had a lot of issues on those tvs. My firmware was up to date and the problems were always present. I even tried turning off some display settings and still was having problems.

I ended up getting another Samsung q80t and I have no issues with everything working properly.

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gravedigger257d ago


Quote :

Not with VRR you don't. You would if it was a big drop like 20fps, but 5-6 fps drop you would never notice. Thats why theres been such a big deal about freesync and gsync monitors (the original vrr screens). I play on a Alienware AW3418DW Ultrawide gsync monitor.


Yes, you still can notice the fps drops ( depends on VRR ) fps range on your TV ). Digital Foundry fro Crysis remastered said that even VRR can help this.

isarai257d ago

It eliminates screen tearing and frame pacing jutter, but there's always going to be an inherent jutter of a dip in framerate. So makes it much smoother, but only does so much

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Bluemaster77257d ago

@JIn_Sakai you’re lying please gtfoh with that. It’s been proven that you don’t notice drops with VRR as that’s the literal point of the technology.

You either don’t own any of the tech you claim to have or you’re just a troll. Please stfu

Kornholic257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

VRR eliminates screen tearing but you can still feel the frame drops.

StoneyYoshi257d ago

Boy... you sure are quick to jump to conclusions. Do you have a VRR capable TV and XSX to debunk these claims? Odds are right now that you don't even have either one and if you do then its more likely you have one and not the other. Sakai could just have a TV with poorly implemented VRR? 🤷🏻‍♂️ It is possible for technology to have problems ya know...

BehindTheRows257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

VRR mainly deals with refresh rates. For example…

If you have a G-sync compatible (this is important, as it signifies the absence of a hardware module in the unit) monitor, capable, let’s say, of 144Hz, chances are, VRR will be effective between 48Hz and 144Hz (anything outside of those ranges may result in screen tearing). With a G-sync hardware monitor, the lower number usually drops to 30, obviously making it more effective. To fully eliminate screen tearing, you need V-sync turned on (be it in-game or through the use of software like the Control Panel).

However, in either instance, one can still receive (and perceive) frame rate drops. Trust me, in the PC world, we’ve had VRR for quite some time. It is, for lack of a better word, LOVELY, but not magic.

Sayai jin257d ago

I have both a Series X and a OLED CX and I can't see any drops. I have a C9 in my studio I will check the visuals this weekend on it.

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Babadook7257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

VRR will be great once TVs can support it with no issue. LG OLEDs still have flickering brightness issues and almost no other TV can do it. PS5 may get support for VRR by the time good VRR support comes to TVs.

Gaming4Life1981257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Samsung qled tvs dont have any issues with vrr that I have ran into. Its the oled tvs that have a lot problems thats why I gave up on oled tvs for the moment.

Babadook7257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

LG OLED TV's are still the best gaming TV's though, going by reviews. I like my C9 a lot. It's just a little bit artificial to say we need PS5 to have VRR when 99% of our TV's don't support it or have other big issues with it.

isarai257d ago

Seriously, dont get why it's taking so long. VRR was one of the main reasons i went all out and upgraded my TV along with Auto Low Latency and HDR 444

blackblades256d ago

That is if you have a tv with the support, which many dont.

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Nyxus257d ago

From what I understand the difference is negligible. But I would get the PS5 version for the Dualsense functionality (it also has a bit quicker load times, but that's also a small difference).

BehindTheRows257d ago

This, this ‘article’ needs to be failed.

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Orchard257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

What exactly is that meant to prove? Two sources got different frame times in the same game?

Welcome to games/software, they don’t run identical for everyone, every time.

Anyway, DF is out and shows the same.

gamer7804257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Controller preferences aside the series x performs better but we can just be honest people will get it on their preferred to play on system since it’s not a massive difference.

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Sayai jin257d ago

It still goes down to personal preference. While the dual sense is awesome, some may choose not to want to use it. One being my oldest son. He doesn't care for it although he said it's nest. My oldest and I both use it on our PS5s.

Personal preference...

gamer7804257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

@One it’s a nice feature but IMO the rest of the controller other than the face buttons and dpad need a lot of work, also the elite controller on Xbox has other features like back paddles and swappable parts. I’m just putting that aside because people have preferences

RosweeSon257d ago

Yeah dual sense is a game changer should be great fun.


Personally I don't care for dual sense. I don't like how it locks the trigger when I want to shoot my gun because it sometimes gets me killed in multiplayer. I turned it off on Returnal because I don't like how the alt fire is used with the half press of the left trigger. It's just a bette version of rumble I wouldn't call it a game changer.

RosweeSon257d ago

Speak the truth seems you just need to wait for a better game to implement it better. Going forward not just this week it’ll be a game changer. Unless you’ve turned it off but 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

generic-user-name257d ago

PS5 has pretty much no loading screens according to DF.

Neonridr257d ago

sounds like either way you are getting a really good game.

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lellkay257d ago

Seems like the FPS on Xbox SX is far higher (120 Fps compared to PS5 60fps, both are silky and consistent though it seems)

I like the dual sense stuff, but if you straight up want the better FPS seems like xbox is better this time.

Good-Smurf257d ago

I never seen Series X version go up to 120 fps in this video.
Are you high?

Rude-ro257d ago

Microsoft shills.
They are doing everything to keep them relevant.
Just like this debunked “comparison”.

“Do not sell what the consumers want, make the consumers buy what you are selling”
Bill Gates

StoneyYoshi257d ago

I think its a mix of being high, blind, and delusional. 🤣

Drew345257d ago

@ Good-Smurf

I'm dying.

He didn't just go there. The comedy is real! LOL!

jukins257d ago

Lmao not drugs this cult like behavior.

lellkay256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

I'm definitely not a shill, I own a PS5 and not an XSX yet.

The article I was reading previously was actually referring to Mass Effect Legendary Edition having the 120FPS on Xbox and 60FPS on PS5. That's down to the backwards compatability stuff. I'll still be grabbing that on PS5 regardless.

Dunno how I got my wires crossed with that and this game, my mistake.

seanpitt23256d ago

It can barley do 60 FPS with ray tracing on haha... where did you get 120 from haha

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DarXyde257d ago

I'm genuinely surprised. I would expect the PS5 to have an edge in FPS titles. Interesting.

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Magog257d ago

Quirk of the RE Engine. DMC5 is the only other native next gen game to see higher fps on Xbox.

Ausbo257d ago Show