MTV: Sigourney Weaver Appalled By Offer To Be In 'Aliens' Game, Not Slated For 'Ghostbusters'

Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Video game publishers, take note. Sigourney Weaver wants to be in your games. But, please, can you make the pitches a little more impressive?

Yesterday, my MTV News colleague Josh Horowitz got some time with Weaver to discuss some projects. I asked him to inquire about her involvement in the two announced "Aliens" games and the new "Ghostbusters" games."

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vitz33696d ago

Get away from her you PITCH!

PirateThom3696d ago

I'm going to watch Alien tonight.

Graphics Whore3696d ago

Haha, after I get my Car fixed I might do that. I can't wait till Home is all ready and set so I can potentially watch "Alien" in a Home theatre with friends.

Radiodread3696d ago

Why not, it's not like your workin on any 1st class movies, that ended when you did Galaxy Quest. Just do some voice-overs for the game and make all the gamers happy.