Game Builder Garage Announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo surprised us today with a lovely announcement about Game Builder Garage on the Nintendo Switch, a title that allows you to create little games that you can share online.

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septemberindecember43d ago

Well, it's no Dreams, but it looks interesting. Seems to emphasize simplicity. Would be a good way to get kids involved in making games. Though, of course in typical Nintendo fashion, I'm sure it will be fun for adults too.

Orchard43d ago

This is pretty neat for getting kids into programming early on, and letting them see strong results immediately & keep them interested (rather than 'real' game programming where it's a lot of effort to have anything on screen).

Inverno43d ago

Will sharing be locked behind the switch online pay wall?

Jeriphro43d ago

I'm not too sure about that, but if it like Super Mario Maker 2, then I assume it will be. Thankfully, Nintendo Switch Online is only $20 for the year, which is significantly cheaper than other services.

Eidolon43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

It's cheaper because it's just for Online. Sony/ Microsoft don't separate their online service fees from their "game collections". And their service is lackluster compared. Also should be comparing the $35 price, since $20 is for individual.

Jeriphro42d ago

It's not just for online, though. It may not be the same premium package that Xbox Live and PS+ offer, but Nintendo still gives away a lot of games as part of the package. Sure, they are NES and SNES games mostly, but the occasional oddball game is a lot of fun, like Tetris 99 and Pac Man 99.