Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition Performance Details

Get the full breakdown on the output resolution and expected framerate targets for the game, which vary between platforms.

Nitrowolf2762d ago

well yeah, these are played via BC, which sadly it seems PS4 games can't go above the 60fps point on PS5, most likely SDK limitation that prevents it. Hoping Sony does something tbh

nyckrazy761d ago

A fraction of Consumers have120hz televisions,and Most dont know about HDMI 2.1. 60FPS is Great. Calm down.

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BludoDaSmelly761d ago

How bout the switch version lets see some gameplay

thesoftware730761d ago (Edited 761d ago )

Good stuff, I never really got into ME.

And yes, I do believe the Xbox will eventually have a graphical/Performance advantage over the PS5.

I also dont think 3rd party games will tell the difference as much. You will probably only notice it through DF breakdowns.

First party games are what I want to see, that will be where we can tell the difference in power, Sony 1st party is know for Pushing systems very far, but now MS has acquired a lot of Dev that have more Raw power on hand.

I'm gonna make a prediction now..
Hellblade 2 will look better or on par with naughty dogs next big game...quote me.

mkis007761d ago

Go see heavenly sword performance for ninja theory's attempt at bleeding edge fidelity.

Sonyslave3761d ago (Edited 761d ago )

Lol why u left hellblade off that list along with enslave pretty much all of ninja theory games dont come close to any AAA budget.

Ms now giving them the $$$ they need to go big, ohh bleeding edge was made with the b team had last then 20 people on it. Which still look better than destruction all star a ps5 game.

Just google hellblade budget only cost 10mil and only 20 people work on it wow.

mkis007761d ago (Edited 761d ago )

Ninja theory has never been a studio like you are trying to make them out to be...if hellblade 2 looks the best for its time, it will be a first for them. Hellblade had good graphics for what the game was, they were not cutting edge.

OptimusDK761d ago

@mkis - sorry but you are living in the past. MS $ will make a huge difference. Ninja Theory is not what it was anymore. Just google how many new talents they have added the last year.

lelo2play761d ago

Guess no forced parity on this game.

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