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A huge thank you to everyone that has been playing Returnal! It has been quite a ride to all of us here at Housemarque to just take in the wonderful reception, now that being said, as with many releases there are certain fixes that need to be addressed.

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JustTheFax46d ago

I bet they patched the cheat code out haha

46d ago
hiawa2346d ago

Looks like they did. Not working for me..

CaptainHenry91646d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I got the gun I wanted after every death lol and kept my currency

Knushwood Butt46d ago

Housemarque has pulled Returnal update 1.003.003

46d ago
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DaleCooper46d ago

Anyone know what the "incorrect healing behaviour" at Helios was? I'm hoping it heals you fully in one rest now, instead of having to leave the ship and go back in to completely heal when low.

MetalProxy46d ago

Not sure...You can go back to the ship and heal? Nice

RauLeCreuset46d ago

Unless they patched it out.

StoneyYoshi46d ago

Then they probably would have said they removed the ability to heal at the helios if that was the case.

Dirtnapstor46d ago

There are hidden tombs that will heal you as well whereas you do not have to hump it all the way back to the ship.

StoneyYoshi46d ago

Thats randomized so they aren't always guaranteed from what Ive seen some people say. And sometimes they aren't for healing.

hiawa2346d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Did they patch the key board cheat code out? Hoping for a save option.

StoneyYoshi46d ago

I was going to try the keyboard trick when I got home from work. I'll be bummed if it was already patched out lol. But its good to know my run I left in rest mode last night will be gone lol. 🙃

StoneyYoshi46d ago

My game somehow didn't update to 1.3.3 I'm still on 1.3.1 and I even had it check for updates. Been playing around with the cheats lol. I turned off auto update for now 😎

MetroidFREAK2146d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Less crashing the better

cd146d ago

Mine ain't crashed once, saw it happen to a streamer on release night though.

MetroidFREAK2145d ago

I crashed once, so I shelved it... then I heard save data loss so I continued to shelve it until today's patch fixed both issues. I plan on returning this weekend

hiawa2346d ago

Looks like they patched the cheat code as I am playing now and it is not working.

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The story is too old to be commented.