I’m So Over DLC

Dropping a bunch of cash and relearning game controls just to play a few new levels isn’t worth it anymore.

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TallDarknWavy82d ago

The author has no self awareness and comes across as a whiny little bitch though.
He hates that he has to relearn old controls for a game he played before, and would rather play a NEW game, namely Mass Effect Trilogy, a game he played before which he will need to relearn. Really, he sounds like a depressed weirdo who just hates his life and projects that hatred onto everything else.

Knightofelemia85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Depends on the game and how shitty the DLC is I enjoyed the Spiderman DLC and Arkham Knight DLC I enjoyed the ME2 DLC with extra characters and events and I like the Horizon DLC. If the DLC add new characters, story elements, or even missions I am all for that. If it just adds new weapon skins, new costumes, new music I shy away from that type of DLC.

Seraphim83d ago

no doubt, some DLC's have been good-great.

However the problem is how long it takes to release these DLC's. Understandably it takes to develop more content and DLC w/in 30-90 is going to be suspected of held back content, etc, etc. Anyway w/o reading the article I think this is a part of the writers issue. Often times it's HARD to pick a game back up after months+ away from the game when the DLC or batch of DLCs are finally released. Figuring out the controls, combos, combat, etc. By the time DLC is released you're no longer on top of that game as a master but instead going in as a noob.

Personally I try to avoid DLC myself. From what I have bought I've maybe played 50% or less of. Bloodborne was great though. Horizon, Dark Souls III, Spiderman.... actually I might be closer to 25-30% DLC bought and played lol.... often I just never get around to it or load it up and don't have the desire the spend time re-learning how to play.

FinalFantasyFanatic82d ago

This is always my problem, by the time new DLC comes out, I'm already playing a new game and forgot how to play. Then I get frustrated because I can't remember all the controls/combos/mechanics of said game.

CYALTR80d ago

I thought I was the only one who forgot how to play a game when I set it down for a couple of months!!

Teflon0283d ago

I thought the Ni no kuni 2 first paid dlc was a waste but the second one really made up for the lackluster first one and added alot of difficulty

yeahokwhatever83d ago

so, you like expansion packs then.

ZeekQuattro85d ago

If I like a game enough I'm down for more content be it free or paid to extend the life of the game. In the end it depends on the content. I'm a sucker for added story content. Not so much for say weapon skins or other cosmetic changes.

Vengeance113885d ago

What's with people being so uptight with their money?! "Dropping a bunch of cash and having to relearn controls"?? Good lord cry more... DLC is VERY much welcomed if someone really enjoys a game and wants more without having to wait 3-4yrs for a sequel. Dont like DLC? Dont buy it and be quiet.

curtain_swoosh83d ago

altough i agree with the "dont like it dont buy it",
HOWEVER. some dlc is just straight up non sense. i have played games that had dlc that expanded the games lore and story or to make sense of an ending. that i dont get.

and we're not uptight with our money out of choice. how u spend your money is up to you, i for one would rather have a FULL game instead of dlc.

Teflon0283d ago

Think they're refering to dlc to a finished game

Christopher84d ago

Borderlands 2, Dragon Age Origins, Hitman, and Dishonored tell me otherwise.

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