Bobby Kotick: Activision Is “Laser-Focused” on Retaining Talent, Aligning “Performance & Reward"

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick say the company is "laser-focused" on retaining people, and aligning "performance and reward."

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Jambola12685d ago

lot's of ways to spell "make money" wrong

gamesftw250685d ago

Bobby will always have money in his #1 mindset.

excaliburps685d ago

LOL! Kinda want to see what Acti devs have to say about this behind the scenes and unfiltered.

MasterChief3624685d ago

Shut up, you out-of-touch hack. Stop cutting your subsidiaries into Call of Duty and allow your portfolio some more diversity. Trust your developers. There's no reason you should shift the studio that breathed new life and hope into the Tony Hawk franchise into a Blizzard studio. No reason you should shift the geniuses behind Crash 4 to a Call of Duty dev. Just STOP. God I hate him, and I hate Activision.

Nitrowolf2685d ago

so weird. Like I get they want money, but cod generates so much that these other projects are profitable without the thought of turning them into a cod like experience.

MadLad685d ago

"Retaining talent" is a weird way of saying fire hundreds of people on the regular.

ArnoDorian685d ago

Retaining talent for recycled games every year with a simply fresh coat of paint until it worns off then slap a new color or wallpaper. What a great and caring CEO he is. Good for you Bobby.

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The story is too old to be commented.