Super Mario 64 PC with Ray Tracing is now available for download

DarioSamo released a public technical version of a mod that adds full path tracing support to the open-source Super Mario 64 port for PC.

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TheRealTedCruz39d ago

Emulation really is an art, and the mod teams built around them continues to keep classic titles fresh.

zaherdab39d ago

This is not emulation though this is natively compiled

a08andan39d ago

I'd say that if a game is enabled on anything other than the original platform it is a form of emulation, unless of course it is an official port to another platform. :) I think thats how most people look at emulation!

zaherdab38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Emulation is basically what the name implies yould be emulating a diffrent hardware on your computer ... making the nin native software (rom) think it was running on a diffrent (emulated )hardware ... not exactly an opinion there is a definition for it

Teflon0239d ago

It's actually pretty impressive. Whenever I can get my hands on a new RTX card I'll give it a go for sure

39d ago