Resident Evil Village Review - IGN

A genuinely engrossing and increasingly combat-heavy continuation of the Ethan Winters story.

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48d ago
Jericho133748d ago

At least the themes seem abit more focused this time. As good as RE7 was, it couldn’t decide which film franchise it was trying to copy (one minute Texas Chainsaw, the next the Ring, then Saw etc)

whitbyfox48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

‘ Increasingly combat-heavy’

Just when they’d learnt their lesson from 6 :/

Tacoboto48d ago

You missed the better quote from the article - they make a comparison to COD :/

But it doesn't sound like RE6 in tone at all fortunately. I'll definitely play through this in Hardcore mode with less ammo/resources

whitbyfox48d ago

Yeah that is a must, need that platinum.

whitbyfox48d ago

Resi 7 Metacritic: 86.

Resi 8 Metacritic: 84.

Facts don’t lie, dislike away.

Kornholic47d ago

A two point difference means nothing, especially when reviews are always more subjective than objective. If the difference was 10 points or more, you would be onto something.

darthv7248d ago

Oh no... the dreaded "8" from IGN.


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RaidenBlack48d ago

Resident evil 7 - 7 rating
Resident evil 8 - 8 rating

darthv7248d ago

If they gave 6 a 6 and 5 a 5 then that would be a neat trend.

specialguest48d ago

An 8 is a great score. A 9 should only go to an amazing game. A high 9 should be rare, and a 10 nothing short of a masterpiece. People who cry foul over an 8 are silly.

VerminSC48d ago

Seems to be scoring well! Looks like 2021 is becoming a great year for games

sourOG48d ago

Sounds good I’m hyped. I found the combat was lacking in 7 but I still enjoyed it. If it’s re7 with better combat I’ll love it.

philm8748d ago

Yeah in 7 it was supposed to feel like you weren't someone who's used a gun much, and in 8 he's supposed to be more adapt at combat.

sourOG48d ago

I can see how you would interpret it that way. I just thought they were limited by their enemy design. It was 2 or 3 enemy types and a few boss battle cinematic types. You would be hardened after going through that shit for sure lol.

philm8747d ago

Yeah definitely agree the enemies were very limited in 7. The mould were a bit annoying to be fair, my least favourite part of the game, but still really enjoyed it. Almost made the End of Zoe dlc more satisfying as you could properly give them a good beating.

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