10 Things Cyberpunk 2077 Got Right

While it courted a fair share of controversy, Cyberpunk 2077 had some key aspects that were sci-fi delights.

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Rebel_Scum37d ago

Idk about the endings but the only one I’d fault is the radio options. There’s only one station that I like which is pretty lame.

got_dam37d ago

The release. It was perfect. Went off without a hitch. Thats why we are still talking about it ... 🤣🤣🤣

InUrFoxHole37d ago

But it did have a day 1 patch.

Mr_cheese37d ago

For me, there was a lot of potential with Cyberpunk.

The whole concept is great and the story was awesome. If they learn their lessons and develop a 2nd which fixes and builds on everything wrong with the first. Im in.

Master of Unlocking37d ago

I really want to play that game, dammit, hurry up with the patches and dlc already. And reprint new copies. In its current state the "vanilla" game weighs over 100GB, and there's apparently close to 50GB-worth of patches to download, which is far more than I can find space for on my PS4 Pro.

got_dam36d ago

I had a lot of fun with it. It's lame that management forced the release. There were a lot, like a LOT, of unfulfilled promises. But there is still a lot to enjoy if you go in with expectations properly in check. It is absolutely.... breathtaking.... when it's running right. I hope lessons are learned.