Thanks to FPS Boost the Xbox Series S is an incredible value at $300

Commentary: It's great but there are still a couple of framerate nitpicks that annoy me.

ABizzel1765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

The problem is for $200 more you get a better, more powerful, and future-proof console by comparison. That's the biggest issue with the Series S IMO, is that the Series X exists.

roadkillers764d ago

There is one though. Gamepass will move to Xcloud and at that point hardware is not needed. With that said, I wish I had an X rather than S for RE8

Shuckylad765d ago

For all gamers especially those whom comments on this site your absolutely correct the series X is a no brainer out the two but for the casuals and parents the series S will be very appealing at its price point, especially with game pass.

Sayai jin765d ago

Sure, the Series X is there for everyone. or casuals, parents, budget gamers, and those who can't afford the Series X, th3 Series S is enticing.

DeusFever765d ago

Or for $100 more, you can get a more powerful and future proof console that also plays PlayStation exclusives.

Abear21765d ago

Yeah agreed, I want an Xbox but the S isn’t even an option as far as I’m concerned. Playing old games at faster frame rates is why I bought a pro console last Gen.

darthv72765d ago

Sadly there were lots of games that couldnt take advantage of the pro (or even the one x). Games i was hoping would get some pro enhancements were driveclub, the order and killzone shadowfall. Thankfully shadowfall does get some enhancement on a 5 though.

Im still waiting on which one is going to get arkham knight updated with performance. I have it on ps4 but it is also on gamepass right now and neither ps5 nor series x/s offer any sort of improvement for it... not yet anyway.

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Fluttershy77765d ago

40% more... "more powerful, future proof" that's an argument a hardcore gamer would do. Hard-working-all-day-away from-kids- single mom will buy the 40% cheaper console. Also struggling people from poor Countries? So this is for them.

ABizzel1764d ago

poor countries aren't really buying consoles by the millions, and even then these consoles are still far to expensive in those areas.

I see it being okay for kids, casuals, and a GamePass console, but even still I still see it finding a niche audience among those groups in comparison to the Series X. If you can save up $300 in a year, then you can simply wait another year and get the extra $200. Performance modes are completely missing from some Series S versions, resolution has been anywhere from SUB HD - 1080p for the vast majority of games many of which are cross-gen games not new AAA - AAAA 3rd party games or exclusives. The internal storage will not allow them to store many games at 512GB, and adding the external SSD is another +$200 making it cost more than the Series X (though they can get an external HDD which is a better option value wise). They have to rely on digital, so physical game sells are out of the question, and if they had a XBO with a physical library all of those games are now no longer playable on their new $300 console, when they are on their new $500 console, which is the reason why I returned my little brothers and bought him a Series X instead.

The Series S is a good console in an isolated world, but with everything else around it, it becomes a much harder sell, when you remember that people have their consoles for 5 or more years, and the Series S isn't built for that.

Also it's 40% less than the Series X, not more.

Minute Man 721764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

Single moms would buy and then spend $60 for digital games? GamePass yes but no one is buying the S

AriesBear765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

Also 1tb off ssd space. The series s should have been 199 or 249 because the ssd expansion is 200. Makes no sense you might as well just get the X. If the series s had 1tb than it’s an easy recommendation at 299. It’s a really cool little console just priced wrong and poor ssd space.

darthv72764d ago

I have a feeling the current S models will get a price drop and a newer sku with 1tb drive will take its place at the $299 mark. Same with the series x, there will be bigger internal storage models at some point. Like we saw with the varying drive capacities of the 360/ps3 and xbo/ps4.

These sort of changes happen around the time when there are themed systems released. So you can pretty much expect there to be a Halo themed S and X later in the year near when the game releases.

CaptainHenry916764d ago

The Series S will hold everything back in the next couple of years

Abear21764d ago

Xbox won’t ever hold Microsoft back, they don’t care about the console experience (looking at you Flight Sim) they care more about Gamepass rental subs and PC attach rates. You’re right though, you’ll be left behind in the next gen experience if you buy an S

Teflon02764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

This is the thing. I always say if your going for the console just put the money in and get the series X. It just makes more sense. If your happy with the performance boost. You'll get even more and future proof it. A feels like something someone who likes Xbox games but plays on something else should have as a backup for exclusives. Nothing more

Orchard764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

$200, heck even $100, is a lot of money for an entertainment product for a lot of people. Especially lower income families, people who lost their jobs during COVID, people buying for kids or people who only play a handful of games, etc.

A market exists for S and X - they are just targeting different types of gamer.

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Babadook7764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

For just $100 you can get a much more powerful PS5. Or you could - if they were in stock.

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darthv72765d ago

The S was the only one I could get at the time. And since then I have been impressed with its performance and its size. It fits the phrase "little engine that could".

Last night I was trying out some fps boost games. Gears 4 was so much better than on my One S. I only hope others like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Ryse get some love.

And if the S is this good... I cant wait to experience more when I get the X.

jznrpg765d ago

Get a PS5 disc less or disc or Series X . Skip the S imo

AriesBear765d ago

I agree with that. The s needs more space or a cheaper price.

Jericho1337764d ago

Anyone on this website would agree with you, but there’s a huge market out there that aren’t fussed about resolution/storage space. That’s who the S is for.

Nineball2112764d ago

I agree and yet for families that don't have a lot of extra disposable income, this will be a great gaming system for little Johnny.

Heck, I could see people using something like this is RV's or taking it to the cabin for the kids on camping trips. For the price and size, it seems really impressive.

masterfox765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

In the end is not that good of a value when you consider the games they are offering imo , for this version and the other one.

Magog765d ago

No it isn't. For $100 more you can get the digital PS5 which plays actual next gen games at a higher resolution.

343_Guilty_Spark765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

Maybe someone wants a GamePass box or has a 1080p tv and don't want to upgrade

spss11765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

Again with this awful 1080p defense of the Series S. As if someone with a 1080p TV can't tell the difference between a game running on a Series S or X? Generally speaking, Series X games will have faster loading, higher fps, better post processing effects, expanded draw distances, more foliage, sharper shadow resolution, more environmental detail, better antialiasing, better vsync, higher quality raytracing, the list goes on. You don't need 4K to spot those differences.

A recent example of this is Outriders. You can see clear differences at 1080p between the X and S, and it's a cross-gen game with dated graphics imo.

Edit: I just remembered, doesn't The Medium drop to sub 720p on Series S? Might be noticeable, no?

Zhipp765d ago

I don't think the Series X has noticably faster loading. The SSDs are the same, and the CPUs, which would be the other limiting factor, are close to identical.

I mostly agree with you, though. Especially when ray tracing becomes more standard I think we'll start to see a more stark gap between the two systems.

To be honest I think Series S is for people who don't have super high standards -- kinda like what a 2050 would be on PC. As long as they can play the game they don't care about all the bells and whistles. With how cheap 4k tvs are these days I find it hard to believe MS is honestly pushing for the shrinking crowd of people with only 1080p displays.

spss11764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

I agree. I just think it's misleading to say that gamers won't see a difference at 1080p. If lesser graphics/performance doesn't bug you then my argument doesn't matter. But yah, as this gen goes on the graphical gap between S/X will certainly become more pronounced.

343_Guilty_Spark764d ago


The fact that people buy the Series S means there is an audience aware of the shortcomings and still willing to buy.

Orchard764d ago

@spss11 “ Series X games will have faster loading”

That makes no sense. It’s the same SSD, almost the same CPU (the XSS CPU is still faster than PS5…) and it is loading smaller textures etc - Series S will actually load faster than X and PS5 in some situations, or be similar in others.

But your point is also moot because you and I are not the target audience for S, the target audience likely doesn’t care about anti aliasing etc since they’re more casual gamers, people on a budget or kids etc. Heck, the target audience likely isn’t even on this website in any substantial quantity.

If you had only $300 to spend on a console, I guarantee you’d rather have a 1080p machine with “worse ray tracing” that can play all the games coming out for the next ~10 years, than have no console at all.

spss11764d ago

I completely agree. Series S is targeting casual gamers or people on a budget. My point is it's misleading to say "Series S is for people with 1080p TVs" as if both the X/S look and perform the same at 1080p. That simply isn't true. The X will be noticeably better, even at 1080p, for most next-gen games.

Though you & Zhipp are right about the SSD loading speeds. So I stand corrected on that.

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rakentaja765d ago

Incredible value combined with Game Pass. There is no Game Pass on PS5...

Magog765d ago

There is Playstation Plus which is cheaper and gives new games every month. You also get a huge collection of games when you join.

rakentaja764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

to Magog:
PS+ will give you a few games per month vs. Game Pass 375 on the first day (and regularly, several times a month adds a bunch of new ones). It's not on the same level, no matter how much you try.

Zhipp764d ago

Maybe this person already has a ps5 and wants to try what Xbox has to offer. There are tons of reasons to buy an Xbox series s

sinspirit764d ago

It's PSNow, which has more games, and has streaming and free online for games used through the service for $60 a year. It has more AAA titles worth playing. Sure, not as quick to get a brand new big 3rd party title onboard, but it's much cheaper at $120 with PS+ versus $180 to have Gamepass and Live.

Gamepass still requires Live to play online. And, the first party titles are some of the highest rated. I'd brag of day 1 exclusives when they release on a regular basis.

OptimusDK764d ago

@sinspirit so you are comparing two services where one is delivering ALL new games 23 studios first day on the service plus ekstra 3rd. party games first day as well.

to a service that is giving you old games when everybody have played them. right. There is no comparison at all. PS now is dogshit compared to gamepass. Also the version you talk about you get PC AND MOBILE as well.

sinspirit760d ago


Those studios never release games and there is no good track record under MS. Don't brag about things from an investor point of view. Look at it for what it is.

It's hilarious that everytime PSNow is brought up the criticism is ridiculously harsh. People don't want to objectively compare the value. Better AAA games, much cheaper, streaming included at that cheap price, more games, and free online for games through the service. GamePass is $120, but with how important online access is, you'll want the $180 option. PSNow is complete at $60. The insults at PSNow actually diminish everyones emphasis on GamePass' value. If GamePass is so good and valuable then stop pusbing the narrative that PSNow isn't good for what it is, especially at the price it is.

Ah, I definitely had no idea about GamePass thanks for the advertisement on its features that are never talked about on this site. /s

rakentaja760d ago (Edited 760d ago )

to sinspirit:
It hurts how little you know. Game Pass Ultimate costs $ 60 a year, including Gold to play online. Educate yourself by checking out this video:
Playstation Now for the same price does not include multiplayer, newer (MLB the Show, Outriders etc) or any first party games (Forza Horizon 5, Starfield etc) on day one.

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SavageFlamingo765d ago

I have a PS5. And it’s a good deal for me. I plan to get one as soon as I can so I can have my Xbox library and gamepass. It’s a good deal for anyone that wants it.

Sgt_Slaughter765d ago

You lose value on both because of high digital prices that rarely drop, just stick with the disc version of both

Tacoboto764d ago

So for $700, someone can have an All Digital New Gen.

$400 for the cream of the crop "actual" next-gen (congrats, there are a whopping four titles available now; one's a remake and one's a demo, the fifth comes out in another month).

$300 for a budget side device that plays almost everything else, with a growing list of enhancements for earlier titles.

No one has ever tried labeling the S as a primary console. It is what it is and the biggest complaints at it are thrown by the people who know it isn't for them. Weird.

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