The Witcher's 3 best graphics mod may be added to the game's Next-Gen version

Halk Hogan's The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project NextGen my become an official part of The Witcher 3

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Aggesan1176d ago

It always baffles me that the devs don't keep the original hi-res versions of their assets.


Gameplay vs Narrative: What Matters More In A Game?

A Flavorful Game Or A Responsive One? Or Both?

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shinoff218326d ago

Both tbh. Ff16 had a great story but the gameplay made me dislike alot.

thorstein24d ago


I don't understand why we need an article claiming that it's an either/or choice.

Abnor_Mal25d ago

Gameplay is why we play video games, but a game should also have a good narrative to incentivize you to continue playing and look for the princess in the next castle.

kennyg12324d ago

might be why you play but its sure not why I play video games. I play for the story 9/10

SimpleSlave25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

What an absurd question. Gameplay is king. It's the reason we PLAY Videogames. The fact that you have to ask this question is already problematic.

Also, the Gameplay IS the story. YOUR story.

A great narrative with bad gamplay will always be a bad game, but a bad narrative with amazing gameplay will always be a classic. And if both are amazing, then good for you, but we know which one is expendable.

toxic-inferno25d ago

The Guardians of the Galaxy game has extremely mediocre gameplay, but the narrative and character design and development make it - in a lot of people's opinions - a good game.

kennyg12324d ago

same with telltales the walking dead, almost no gameplay to talk about. weird how those who perfer gameplay cant phatom that alot of people think different

gold_drake24d ago

i dunmo if a agree with that

silent hill 2 would be vreat example of a game with fantastic narrative but basic gameplay.

it depends how the devs make it

Friendlygamer25d ago

Gameplay everyday, might as well read a book or see a movie otherwise, some rare games have really special writing tho

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CDPR say Witcher 4 will be different from Witcher 3: "We don't want to be stuck in the same spot"

The next Witcher game will still be an RPG but players can expect new things as CD Projekt Red want to push boundaries and discover new ways of storytelling.

Terry_B57d ago

Each of the 3 existing Witcher games is pretty different from each other..

just_looken56d ago

They were different because they went from being a port studio with there last port being the god awful saints row 2 pc port to making the witcher one.

The first witcher was there first actual game with there own engine the 3rd one showed there years of experience/in house engine improvements.

This witcher game has very very few of the original people behind it and its using unreal engine like so many other games.

The big elephant in the room is that they are now proudly esg supports and go to a panel of esg reps to approve there games now.


The is cdpr 2020's not the 2010's cdpr we used to know.


Take the blood/sex/nudity/adult humor/combat system/rpg mechanics/writing/story charecters/art/design and there passion/drive from the first 3 games throw it in the fucking trash there now you got what they have right now for the witcher 4.

New engine new writing team new everything even esg leadership so yeah "Witcher 4 will be different from Witcher 3"

Sonic188156d ago (Edited 56d ago )

This doesn't sound good without the original team

RiseNShine56d ago

Didn't know that, disgusting, so i'm going from day 1 purchase to wait and see until i know how bad this gets.

Crows9056d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I'll say that cyberpunk 2077 is a great game. Witcher 1 is my favourite game in the series with the 3rd being my least favourite.

We'll see how the new team does.


Never buy day1 regardless of studio

MeatyUrologist56d ago

Uggh thanks for pointing out. Didn't realize they sold out to the esg crowd. Too bad, I thought they were one of the few untouched "gamer" developer. Poland was one of the last non-woke countries left but appears they too have caved to the ESG money.

jznrpg56d ago

It’s common for people to shit on games before they come out. We haven’t even seen anything of Witcher 4. It could be great it could be mediocre etc. I’m not going to prejudge just because the company has interests in other areas. I only care if the Witcher 4 is good or not.

just_looken56d ago


I think you need to look at the games dei/esg have been involved in/ help fund like sr/ss

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Kaii57d ago

My only issue with 3 was with the combat