Blizzard’s player base has fallen 29% over the last 3 years

From VGC: "The number of players accessing Blizzard games has declined by approximately 29% over the past three years, the company’s latest data has shown.

Activision Blizzard confirmed on Tuesday that Blizzard had 27 million monthly active users in the first quarter of 2021."

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TheRealTedCruz39d ago

The only thing I'm interested in is Diablo 2 remake and Blizzard, themselves, aren't even handling it.

killbillvolume1237d ago

Kind of a really good thing Blizzard themselves isn't handling it.

NeoGamer23237d ago

Ya, it is not like we want a re-imagined Diablo II. Just give us probably the best game that defined the genre with a completely set of remastered graphics much like Demon's Souls. Don't try and change everything that worked so well in that game.

Teflon0237d ago

When Overwatch 2 drops I'll be alot more active. Hate all of Blizzards other games though tbh. Just personally none of them are for me.

Epicor37d ago

OW2 is easily the biggest game for me coming out in "near" future (hopefully next year). I'm sure the player base will grow substantially when that happens. Blizzard has quite healthy pipeline for sure: OW2, Diablo 2 Resurrected and Diablo 4. Things will certainly look much better for them in 1-2 years. But as of right now, they haven't released anything interesting IN YEARS!!! It's no wonder that the player base has been shrinking.

RazzerRedux37d ago

Massive corporation deals don't always turn out to be a good thing for gamers.

NeoGamer23237d ago

Almost no massive corporate deal is good for any consumer.

They do them to either make more money or to become more powerful in the marketplace. Neither of which benefits consumers.

Darkborn37d ago

I used to absolutely love blizzard like 10 years ago. I played hundreds of hours of Warcraft 3, tens of thousands of hours of Wow, probably about 1-200 hours of starcraft 1&2, tons of diablo 2&3 and a small amount of overwatch cuz it was alright in my opinion. But the way things have gone for them. Destroying WoW with cataclysm was the catalyst. Then they failed with heroes of the storm, which I played like 50 or so hours of and it was alright. Diablo immortal announcement was a complete joke and an insult to diablo fans. Warcraft 3 "remake" was a complete scam. They just can't seem to understand what the gamers want. They got super greedy and turned into the lich king themselves.

Epicor37d ago

I'm a massive fan of many Blizzard games (Overwatch and Diablo series) but I'm not a fan of the company anymore. Activision has really ruined them. And now Activision is trying to ruin (over-monetize) even the last good Blizzard franchises. That's why OW director Jeff Kaplan left the company after 20 years of service. I love Overwatch because they were operating on this own island inside Blizzard without too much Activision influence. But things are changing. Activision wants to bring Battle pass concept from COD to OW. And add more micro transactions in general.

georeo37d ago

What happened with Warcraft 3? I don’t know much about that game.

Darkborn37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The Warcraft 3 reforged edition I believe it was called was supposed to be 4k, have all new cinematics, new voice acting, new Maps and a few new units. None of that was delivered. In fact, the cinematics were actually downgraded and were not redone whatsoever. It was basically a complete downgrade of like a 2003 game a couple years ago. Idk how it was possible but they relaunched it with worse graphics and low frame rate. And the old game was taken off all stores and the online was turned off. So you have to upgrade to the new version to play at all.

boyyzackk37d ago

Because the player base for overwatch has migrated to fortnite

Epicor37d ago

Whut? I mean maybe some have, many years ago, but Fortnite is not really competitor for Overwatch. But there are two games that a lot of former OW players have migrated to. Those are Valorant and Apex. Apex is going all the time more towards OW direction and luring in OW fanbase. Battle roayle concept is the only major difference and Apex recently released a new non-BR game mode. Valorant is basically a copy of Overwatch that plays like CS.

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