Phil Spencer Hasn't Given Up on xCloud for Other Consoles

Xbox boss Phil Spencer still has aspirations to grow Xbox services like xCloud to other systems and platforms.

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Sonic-and-Crash44d ago

will never happen least on Sony consoles..

darthv7244d ago

Anything can happen. Their azure deal can be amended.

RaiderNation44d ago

It would have to be Xbox exclusive titles only. I can't see Sony ever agreeing to streaming 3rd party games on PlayStation through xCloud that are available natively on PlayStation.

curtain_swoosh44d ago

it will never happen on any console. nintendo will never allow that.

darthv7244d ago

Well... nintendo allowed something like virtual console to work on its system. Playing genesis and tg16 games on a wii... unheard of before then. So you never can tell when a company decides to change things. To spice things up and keep the players guessing.

chiefJohn11744d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Imo it will help Sony sell more consoles but it would take game revenue from them

RaiderNation44d ago

Like I said earlier, this does not happen unless it's Xbox exclusives only, which Sony would've never received any revenue from anyway.

D3TH_D33LR43d ago

Don’t be so sure. Willing to bet if they can work out a mutual benefit where Sony makes a profit letting their playerbase access Xbox exclusives two or 3 years down the consoles lifespan that they would see this as them being able to retain console purchases while keeping most of the money their consumers may spend elsewhere in their pockets. Xbox needs their game service to succeed.

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Vits44d ago

Well, if they manage to make it playable on a browser. It should be possible to use on any device that support one. The issue however is that as far as I'm aware the neither the Switch or the PS5 offer that. At least in a way that is acessible by the user.

That said. Given that it will be available on mobile phones and likely smart TVs. Console support should be a secondary thought.

Atom66644d ago

No official browser, but Switch has a handful of cloud titles. I think some version of xcloud/gamepass is coming to it.

I still wonder if MS will need a special list just for Switch (might be some license issues from 3rd parties). I'm not sure how Nintendo would react to the competition within its own store front.

For just one example, Minecraft still sells very well on switch. Nintendo gets 30% of each sale and purchase. If it's streaming through GP, would they be OK with potentially losing some other revenue streams? Same with multiplats (mostly indies).

But xcloud would instantly give them a solution to their power/spec issues. If only the wifi connection wasn't balls.

It's going to be interesting.

Mr_Writer8544d ago


They would probably still get their 30% DLC, which is where the platform holder makes even more money.

Cutting out the first sale wouldn't be huge as I would guess most people own Minecraft already.

Also maybe not 30%, but a bit lower cut might be on the cards of Xcloud/ Gamepass.

Again GP/Xcloud tends to not have DLC included, so the platform holder could still make money.

Atom66644d ago


See, that's where it gets complicated to me.

If a game is only available on GP on Switch via cloud streaming, how are DLC purchases handled? If I'm on xcloud on my phone, and I go to buy DLC for a game, I don't get routed through the play store. Its all "in app."

This was why MS has had to find a work around on ios.

They won't have most of this content available for download anywhere on local Switch hardware. So if it's all online through MS's application, it's tricky to see how it plays out.

For games that are on the eshop and on xcloud, how does Nintendo feel about potentially losing sales?

Minecraft was just one example, but just to point out -- it appears to be immune to the "everyone already owns it" thought. It still makes the top 10 sales on Switch, XB, mobile, PS, etc.

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Vits44d ago

The revenue part is why I don't see XCloud coming to the Switch or PS5 in any official format. Microsoft would have to offer Nintendo something as compensation for the lost in revenue. But for Microsoft that would likely not make sense to do as they would already be offering the service in pretty much all the other devices that a Switch/PS5 owner is likely to have.

Therefore I can only see XCloud on those consoles in a non-official capacity by means of a browser based service. But as the Switch don't have one until now, I doubt that we will see that happening.

Atom66644d ago

@ Vits

The revenue split is the complication, agree with you.

But what if it's a curated list of games not available on Switch otherwise (or PS5 ...although I doubt Sony will allow it).

But what if there's a Nintendo GP/xcloud for just your Gears, Fable, Forza, Halo, Bethesda games, etc.?

There's no lost revenue from Nintendo. It helps them by giving them access to a new library.

My thought is that MS and Nintendo could cut a deal for a split on GP subs brought through Nintendo, and give back end payments for Ultimate users accessing it via Switch.


I'm not sure how I'm missing those points. I'm literally talking about their goal to get the cloud service onto everything regardless of HW.

Thanks for adding some fanboy drivel to an actual discussion?

Vits44d ago

The issue with that would be the worth of said deal for Microsoft. As a market, both Switch and PS5 are definitely interesting. However are they interesting enough for XCloud to alone make Microsoft time worth it? I don't think so.

Because right now. Game Pass have three main revenue streams: The subscription, the DLC and the discounts for unlisted games.

But a custom GP/XCloud for Sony and Nintendo would only really provide money from the subscription and that would have to be shared with the already mentioned companies. While at the same time it could take market way from other endeavours like mobile and smart TV/smart boxes. Both of which being far less expensive since they do not require revenue sharing, let alone maintaining an exclusive version of the service.

So it's a situation where for Microsoft it's only worth it if Sony/Nintendo allow the base model on their on their platforms without any share participation. While for Sony/Nintendo it just don't make any sense to allow the service without hefty compensation.

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-Foxtrot44d ago

Maybe it has something to do with that Switch he hides in the background of the Xbox videos

ArnoDorian43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Switch and xbox. Play halo on the go on switch seems great... or Age of Empires 4 on the go if switch can get mouse and keyboard support

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