Loot Ninja Review: Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360)

Loot Ninja writes:

"It's amazing to me how simple some games appear to be, but are filled with so much enjoyment that I want to play the game all day; Left 4 Dead is one of these few games. On the surface the game seems like another zombie shooter where you run around and attempt not to die. However, when you look deeper… well that's really all it is. But it's not the overall idea of the game, the originality of the game, or the streamlined effects of the game; it's how the game as a whole is actually played. The co-op feature is what drives Left 4 Dead, and what, in my opinion, makes the game a home run."

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drunkpandas3698d ago

I can’t get enough of the 4 player online co-op. The game gets insanely hard though.

taz80803698d ago

It is a shame that the single player was almost abandoned