Dev Box Interview: Jumpgate Evolution's Programmer Ohm Unmongkolthavong

TrueGameHeadz writes:
"It usually takes a small army to create the video games that we play, and, most of the time, all of the focus gets put on the game itself, and not on the people that came together to make it. Our Dev Box interview feature takes a look at some of the unsung heroes that have committed their lives to entertaining all of us. This week we are giving NetDevil's Ohm Unmongkolthavong a chance to answer some of our burning questions.

Name: Ohm Unmongkolthavong
Title: Programmer
What you do: Implement/Fix game features in regards to programming.
Most recent game worked on: Jumpgate Evolution

1. What game has most influenced you, and why?
"Halo": This is the first game I ever saw bring together a group of strangers and turn them into friends. While more recent games do a better job of bringing together more people at once, this was the first title that made me want to work on multiplayer games due to its ease of play and subtle requirement of teamwork.

"Jumpgate Evolution" seems to accomplish this sense of camaraderie as seen from our developer playtests. It's usually quiet in the office during development times, but once the playtest starts, the entire teams starts to chat and work together to destroy the larger enemies in the game. I'm really excited to see how this translates into the MMO scene once we start doing playtests with..."

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