Epic Tried To Convince Xbox To Make Multiplayer Free Alongside Apple Fight

An email between Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and Xbox head Phil Spencer, made public today as part of the ongoing Epic versus Apple trial, shows Sweeney trying to entice Spencer to take “free-to-play” multiplayer out from behind the Xbox Live paywall to coincide with Epic’s war against the App Store.

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XiNatsuDragnel47d ago

That'll be a god move Xbox do it you bakas lol

StoneyYoshi46d ago

Wait. Didn't MS already do this after the XBL price increase backlash?

Profchaos46d ago

I think they said they will pretty sure it's not there yet

darthv7246d ago

They dropped the gold requirement for F2P games. Something that was long overdue.

Shiken46d ago


They dropped it, it is not required for F2P games anymore. Tested and confirmed.

ActualWhiteMan46d ago

This was done like 2 weeks ago.

Zeref46d ago

They already did this lol

Sciurus_vulgaris47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Epic is not a benevolent Knight campaigning for consumer friendly change. Epic just wants to further self-enfranchise itself by sustaining or growing Fortnite. Fortnite literally targets children as a demographic, despite Its dependence on MT based revenue.

TheRealTedCruz47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

They're a joke. They're using Tencent and Fortnite money to try to bend the entire games market to their whim.
Sweeney is a greedy jackass, and the more information leaked on these lawsuits, the more it confirms that assessment.

Atom66647d ago

He's pretty much had to admit that the whole: "We're fighting for the little guys too" routine was BS.

This hasn't been great for him. Granted, I'm not exactly rooting for Apple either.

Vits47d ago

No doubt about it. Even more now that it was revealed how dependent of consoles their revenue flow is.
And there is also the rumors of Fortnite going the Roblox's way, so having a larger market for that is a sound strategy.

That said. I'm not particularly against having multiplayer being free on Xbox. If anything I don't see justification for any console manufactor to ask for a subscription in this day and age. Even more for f2p titles.

TheRealTedCruz47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I agree it's kind of pathetic you're expected to pay to play games online, on console.
All the same, that monetization is also part of the reason you get the hardware you do for as cheap as you do.
Damned if you do; damned if you don't.

Thatgrammar47d ago

I feel like you’re all missing the actual point made in the article. Sweeney was trying to get “free-to-play” multiplayer games (aka: fortnite, apex legends, etc.) out from behind a pay wall. On Xbox you had to pay for Xbox live to watch Netflix even. Xbox has since taken Netflix and free-to-play games out from behind the paywall known as Xbox live gold and operates just like playstation plus has since the start of the PS4 generation when Playstation decided to lock its multiplayer behind a paywall. However, Netflix and free-to-play games never required a subscription to ps+. I’d love for both Playstation and Xbox to make all multiplayer free to play, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon, unfortunately.

Teflon0247d ago


The apps behind a paywall was removed at the beginning of Xbox one as far as I'm aware. I do agree it's a good thing. But Epic is only doing things to benefit them. No one else and just pretending they're for the people when what they're doing mostly screws players over and only benefits them

Vits47d ago


Yes and mentioned that I find it even dumber for f2p titles. However as whole the idea of paying for online in sort of bizarre at this day and age. As both PC and especially mobile that represent the largest pie of the market have it for free. With the exception of subscription based games that are few and far between.

RauLeCreuset46d ago


They aren't missing the point. Getting F2P from behind the paywall was incidental to Sweeney's desire to grow Fortnite's customer base on Xbox and to time doing it at a moment that would increase pressure and bad PR for Apple.

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Father__Merrin47d ago

Apple is more Evil than Epic, so Il be siding with Epic

Teflon0247d ago

Naw, they're about the same. Epics ruining PC gaming for a bunch and so on just to benefit themselves.
Apple at least only walks over who wants their product which means they ask for it that way. Epic is literally imposing on ppl who don't want them in their crap

TheRealTedCruz47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The guy defends Epic in virtually every article concerning them.
I've stopped taking him seriously.

Father__Merrin46d ago

Apple blatantly rip people off with thier annual side grade phones and get people to raze hell for them. Where as Epic are bringing great gaming content that better for developers and gamers. I've just got shenmue 3 on Epic and it plays on the same pc as my other games

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Christopher46d ago

That's not how the legal system works. You don't determine a specific case based on who is greedier. You determine it on the specific merits of the case.

Knightofelemia46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


Most companies are evil they only want the dollar and milk the customer whether it's Apple, Samsung, John Deere, Ford, General Motors, EA, Activision, Caterpillar, Whirlpool, Makita, General Electric. They put on the smoke and mirrors trick and pretend to be your friend show that they care to earn your trust and money. And once they have your money all that they promised flies out the window faster then a bird from a cage. When you as a customer had enough of their bull shit and threaten to take your business else where. Then they pretend to kiss your ass make it sound like you are getting one hell of a deal just to earn your trust and money all over again. It's a never ending cycle wash rise repeat all over again.

neutralgamer199246d ago


While you bash epic at every turn so you are the same only defending the other company?


Sure ruin pc gaming by offering more money to developers 88/12 is a FACT. So what if they made few games timed exclusives it's nothing new to business. Fact remains steam takes 30% and epic 12% and with recent announcement of MS also taking 12% on pc I believe epic did something good. Apple is as greedy as they come

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D3TH_D33LR47d ago

I hope epic gets nuked into oblivion with this court case. Revealed so much and honestly you’re a gullible simp if you bought the “for the player” arguement epic laid on the table as they weaponized their player base against these companies

StoneyYoshi46d ago

I hope that doesn't happen since they make one of the best 3rd party game engines out there.

Vits46d ago

Somebody would definitely buy the rights and development tools of the Unreal Engine. So you don't need to be concerned with that. The only thing that would likely change is the monetization scheme. As the leaked documents proved that the way Unreal Engine is being handled right now leaves a lot of money on the table.

Christopher46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The engine won't go away because they lose this case. Even if they lose so big they can't recover, is would be sold as a company to someone else.

Deathdeliverer46d ago

You guys have to understand that Fortnite literally turned Epic insane. Goes to show how insane some people will get with a little perceived “power”. Fortnite unexpectedly turned into a hit. A mega hit at that. They are already making money hand over fist and they get deals/collaborations coming from left and right. Instead of continuing this way they decided they could get even MORE money by cutting hardware providers out the loop.
Purchases on any phone, console, store like steam and origin, all get a cut from it. Epic cut out steam and the like with the epic store. Now players are playing fortnite for free AND they get all the revenue from the game if they can convince people to use their store instead. Little promotions on their store helped make that more of a reality.
Because Android/google is more of a PC way of doing things it was no resistance given. Do what you want. Epic got the game going straight through EPICS store and cut google out completely. Googles hope is “well fortnite is a huge hit so we can sell more products because people need something to play it on.” Bad decision in my opinion.
Apple is more like a console approach. So you want your game to use your store and cut us out completely? Your game is already on our platform, working fine, and our deal is inked, but now you’re saying you want to have the game link to your store so I can hope on hardware sales because your game is so “popular”? Apple rightfully so turned them down. The IPhone is popular as hell and so are androids.They don’t need help selling them. Sweeney found out the hard way that when you coming for the ones at the top, they aren’t so impressed by your game that they will let you screw THEM over. Or did he??

He tried it with Microsoft and Nintendo. No matter how you feel about it Microsoft’s console sales and Nintendo’s infrastructure is nothing compared to PlayStation. They would be easier to convince with letting people play on their system free, only getting money if someone buys from their store. Example is 50k made a purchase on Xbox this month but they have 500k players this month. All that money from purchases went to someone else BUT they are playing on your infrastructure that epic CANNOT provide. So they reaping all the benefits. You’re just housing.

They tried it with Sony and it’s hard trying to bully or persuade #1 into taking potentially nothing. They need ZERO help selling PlayStations and more players play on PlayStation than any other platform apparently so why would Sony (which is crazy Microsoft went for it) Allow a company with ONE mega hit and no infrastructure reduce the PlayStations income and be relegated to potentially being just housing? Nope. If we have a lot of players living here but spending elsewhere we want some of that as a “housing fee” basically. Sony never cared about cross platform play. Games have been online cross platform since PS2. The ONLY problem is there’s money involved now. Epic is hoping more people buy in places that they get ALL the money and the consoles and Steam/ whatever is simply where they play.

Sorry so long but I think this is all so obvious it’s crazy.

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