Astro’s Playroom Update 1.600.000 Patch Notes v1.6

We are all eagerly awaiting more content for Astro’s Playroom and with every patch the game gets a little better, here is what they added.

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NecrumOddBoy47d ago

Added general stability fixes
Added performance improvements.
Addressed game loading issues.
Added various gameplay optimizations.
Other minor bug fixes.

Misleading description. It's just performance patching.

Nitrowolf247d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I'm also positive these patch notes are fake as the ps5 doesn't have a patch history, and these notes also follow the format of a site known for fake patches.

Skate-AK47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Really? No patch history? Well that's kinda crap. I don't want to Google the patch version or go to the game's forums just to find out what was fixed, added or changed.

ScootaKuH47d ago

Yeah. Nothing new here. It's not like new content has been added.