Burger King's Wii-themed kids meal toys, $5 off coupon codes

Gamertell has posted an article about the latest Burger King Kids Meal Toys. There are ten toys in the promotion and each consists of a Nintendo character with some type of WiiMote component.

Each toy also includes two coupon codes for $5 off four games purchased art EA's online Store: Boom Blox or Boogie SuperStar and Littlest Pet Shop or Nerf N-Strike.

The post also includes images of the toys, scans of the kid's magazine and the bag they all came in.

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greyfox2353696d ago

boom blox seems to be the best one

stephen20053696d ago

Guess I'm going to Burger King for lunch tomorrow. The Nintendo fan inside of me screams for these cheap plastic toys...

Shnazzyone3696d ago

oooooh I want the chain chomp launcher. I've always wanted to lauch chain chomps at certain people.

Heldrasil3696d ago

It doesnt beat the Xbox games they released a few years ago..."Sneak King"