Stadia product head John Justice has left Google

The company provided the following statement to 9to5Google:

We can confirm John is no longer with Google and we wish him well on his next step.

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BlackIceJoe43d ago

I think you can't get much clearer that the days of Stadia being around, is coming to a close.

Which being honest isn't something I want, because more competition leads to better products.

The biggest fault of Google was not having exclusive games be it first party or third party right away, which would make it so people want to use Stadia.

Another problem was people want to own their products and had Google made a version of Stadia, that was a console, that used disks, I could have seen it being more successful too.

So at the end of the day, when Google calls it quits, it will be sad, not only because it will be one less competitor to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, but for the employees who will now be out of a job.

Hopefully they will be able to find jobs quickly.

Old McGroin43d ago

But why would people buy a new physical console that only plays 3rd party games that are already available on every other console? No way would that have made it more successful. The big draw for Stadia was the ability to play on any screen, anywhere.

BlackIceJoe43d ago

My sorry, but did you not see how I wrote that not having exclusive games hurt the system?

Without exclusive games, there was no reason to buy Stadia and you even had to pay extra for games you didn't own.

adamwparker43d ago

No, the biggest fault was that Google didn't deliver what they said they were going to deliver.