Epic Games Reveals Intentional Withholding Fortnite From Xbox's xCloud Service

The studio behind Fortnite has revealed in court documents that it view Xbox's xCloud streaming service as "competition," and has withheld Fortnite from the service.

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Christopher50d ago

I mean, is this really news anymore? Why do people think all the companies pulled out of NVidia's cloud streaming from a user's Steam library?

Christopher50d ago

Just to note, I'm not trying to imply it's not "news for gamers" but that "we shouldn't at all see this as shocking or uncommon considering it's been happening ever since companies started offering cloud streaming options."

Teflon0249d ago

Really, I'm not in favour of games like competitive shooters being on cloud services anyways. Especially when the game is accessible on everything. So it defeats the purpose when whatever you're using to stream likely has a native version of the game.

Definitely shouldn't surprise anyone either really. Though it's a bit contradicting when you think about this whole thing with apple lol

Sgt_Slaughter49d ago

This is why streaming can be a bad thing in the future, you'll get tons of restrictions and end up having to spend money on various services just to access certain games like streaming movies/shows has turned into.

Zeref49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Lol nah it makes total sense, why would they put it on xCloud when fortnite is already available on mobile?

They would just be sharing profit with Microsoft for no good reason.

aconnellan49d ago

Yeah, I also hate software that’s exclusive to one platform over another /s