New Tomb Raider stays true to its roots

Long-time series fans will like the game's familiar feel, but what about whippersnappers weaned on more modern and innovative entries in the treasure hunting genus? From the story:

"For me, [Underworld] felt like a bit of a homecoming. I always enjoy the time I spend with Tomb Raider games. They've lost their once innovative flair, but I still marvel at their massive and beautiful ruins, and I enjoy Lara's consistently cool and confident attitude (lest we forget, she was one of the first strong, smart, and independent female protagonists to appear in a video game).

But I wonder just how popular she is with gamers who didn't experience her adventures when they represented groundbreaking advancements for the medium. Without that sense of history, it seems to me that modern Tomb Raider games like Underworld might come off as merely run-of-the-mill action/platform games with occasionally wonky camera angles and below average combat."

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