Inside 5 Years Later: One of the Best Puzzle Games of All Time?

KeenGamer: "Back in 2016, PlayDead's Inside was released to understated acclaim. 5 years later, should it be considered among the absolute cream of the crop in regard to puzzle games? The game's originality, accessibility and aesthetics are certainly strong arguments in its favour."

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isarai81d ago

I just played through this a few days ago for the first time. It's so amazingly well executed. Easily one of my top favorite puzzle games

NecrumOddBoy81d ago

It’s a Puzzle Platformer; not a puzzle game. It’s incredible however; and a truly remarkable story if you complete all the extras hidden in the world. Very dark and eerie. In my top 5 alongside the original Oddworld games.

GaboonViper80d ago

Brilliant game, awesome when you play as that blob at the end.

GameZenith80d ago (Edited 80d ago )


There is always that one person who cannot describe how excited they were about something without spoiling it.

The_Sage79d ago

Fantastic game. It's among my favorites of all time. I don't think I would call it a puzzle game though.