The Review Busters: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review

Rare hasn't exactly set the Xbox 360 on fire with their games so far. When the two companies teamed up it seemed like Microsoft was going to get one good game after another. This didn't go as planned but it looks like Banjo and Kazooie are just what the Xbox 360 has been looking for.

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PirateThom3696d ago

"No, they haven't", would be the answer.

Viva Pinata is still their best 360 game.

Rick AstIey3696d ago

Agreed. Nuts & Bolts is mediocre at best.

review_buster_eric3696d ago

I think this game is much better than Viva. Though I never played the second one so I might be eating my words, which I have done plenty of times (yes I like LBP now).

Kill Crow3696d ago

but I'm sure it's still a fun game ...