LBP skins coming to Lumines Supernova in Japan

Destructoid writes: "Sony must be proud of its latest mascot, Sackboy. The cuddly avatar has found its way, either through DLC costumes or user-made levels, into many different franchises. For the first time, Sackboy will be making an appearance in a puzzle title. According to Japanese electronics site Dengeki, Q-Entertainment's Lumines Supernova will be grabbing some LittleBigPlanet content in the form of skins.

The information is a bit scant, but we do know that the LBP content will be a portion of a larger downloadable package. In order to get to the Sackboy stuff, players will have to navigate through a segment of the DLC. The price is listed as undecided, but Japanese consumers can expect the content this winter.

No word on if the DLC is coming stateside, but we're guessing that Sony won't pass up the opportunity to put more Sackboy in all of our laps."

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Johnny Rotten3701d ago

Lumines is one of best games, I hope when it comes to the PSN it will be a little cheaper than what XBLA was, I think it was around $45 total for all the content I have.