Metal Gear Solid Touch?

Kojima has released an image that has people in a tiff about the next MGS game.

Is the green a reference to the 360? Don't get too excited...

Pushing Play has a pretty convincing argument about why they think the next MGS game will appear on the iPod Touch.

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I would be extremely surprised if this MGS title was for the 360.

chaosatom3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I know that Kojima used ps3's potential. That's What will happen with FF13 Hopefully.

MGS4 coming to 360 doesn't mean anything about MGS5. It could always go ps3 exclusive. They know that their game sell really well on the ps3.


I would not be suprised if MGS4 goes to the 360.After all its not the first big exlusive game sony lost.

I dont care either way.Its only ps3 fan boys that will be hurt if it goes to the 360 but not gamers like me.

Tmac3694d ago

Haha, MGS isn't going to Xbox 360, some people can hope and dream but it's as likely as Gears coming to Ps3.

Shane Kim3694d ago

I don't care what happens with MGS4 either, I just pray to god that this isn't a new MG/MGS game that'll end up xbox exclusive couse that will make me purchase a xbox and I really don't want to.

chaosatom3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

It could be XBl Tile.

It could be iphone tile.

It could be a xbox title.

If Microsoft wants to waste money on stealing exclusive and less on supporting first-party titles, then they can do that. I am fine with that.

If Microsoft made a new Exclusive title, then I would actually care. But not in this case.

Sharpshell3694d ago

its so obvious... but regardless why are people even talking a bout mgs4 or mgs at all? Hasn't anyone notices it says the next METAL GEAR game and NOOOOOT metal gear solid???? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Lol sorry I got a lil carried away

Avto3694d ago

Are we even sure that Hideo will be making the next game, yeah sure he will probably produce it, but I doubt he'll be directing it and for fans it's all that matters. Also some have already pointed out the message says the next Metal Gear not the next Metal Gear Solid. The next MGS game will be on Xbox just as well as it'll be on PS3 no more exclusive games, Konami officials have already said that, but I doubt Kojima Productions has any idea what MGS5 will be like, maybe some early concept work.

GUNS N SWORDS3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

if that's true i say that's a waste, psp is still the better choice for portable gaming than an ipod touch.

i was thinking something for the wii or 360, but if it's for the ipod touch i say that's dumb.

solidt123694d ago

Isn't this story about a possible Ipod Touch game. Please don't start the MGS4 on 360 crap again.

Fallen_Angel3694d ago

Its MGST meaning MGS Trilogy and you can tell from the circle with the i in it that its for the 360 cause thats the same circle thats in the middle of the 360's power button

butterfinger3694d ago

That's funny, because I have that symbol on my PS3, my Macbook, and my PDA. Does that mean new Metal Gear games for all of these?! Awesome! Metal Gear for everyone platform with a power button!

Time_Is_On_My_Side3694d ago

lol, don't gamers have PlayStation 3s? The comment contradicts itself by saying it would only hurt the fanboys yet you don't own both wanting it on the XBOX 360.

GUNS N SWORDS3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

what color is ipod touch's power button anyway?

and does it even use lights as a means of determining when it's "off and on"?

callahan093694d ago

It's not going to be for 360.
Quote me on that, please.

First, the "i" has nothing to do with 360, and it's a significant part of the teaser. So it's either iPod or Wii or DSi.

Second, if it WERE for 360, I'd bet money that MS would know about it by now due to licensing contracts, etc., and they'd have probably kept this thing under wraps and then let loose with a big Final Fantasy XIII style reveal when they wanted to make it public.

Blademask3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

1. Playstation Brand associated titles comin to the 360
2. hourly sales.

How about

- Wheres Alan Wake? Huxley, Warhounds, Splinter Cell.. oh I dunno.. any 360 exclusive games?

argue with it if u like, but I dont even think anyone owns a 360 for 360 games outside of Gears and Halo. The rest, just multi platforms and old playstation games. But as we see, the ps3 is actually pushing out the new games this generation, and MS buys into em. Sure developers love money, I wouldn't turn down MS either. Would be nice to see an actual lineup for 2008 and 2009. Like another Konami series on the console. MGS has been multiplat in the past. I bet this speculative MGS power button is going to be more talked about than any actual game releases on the 360.

What exactly does the 360 have going into next year game wise? Any coverage on any big games? This year had 3 games for an entire 12 month period that were worth anything.

Did you buy a 360 just to play playstation games o_0? Just asking.

GUNS N SWORDS3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

"Wheres Alan Wake? Huxley, Warhounds, Splinter Cell.. oh I dunno.. any 360 exclusive games?" gamers had to wait the longest for their games to come out when ps3 first came out......what were YOU doing in the mean while?

at least 360's getting nice multiplats titles in the mean while, while it adds more exclusives to it's list, that was something ps3 didn't have back then in 06.

sony did make 09 a lot better for them by announcing lots of stuff for 09 but what about 2010, what big games are coming for ps3 then, rather then just babble on and on about the future we should just wait for it to unravel....cause it's all just speculation if we're talking about it.

and you forgot about ninja blade, mass effect2, star ocean 4 and cry on ect.

Blademask3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

This is year 3.

Its safe to say the PS3 had R1/R2 M1/M2 Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, GT5P, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, MGS4, Valkyira Chronicles, Warhawk, Socom, Hotshots Golf, Singtar, Buzz, all in two years on the market. and 2009 theres already: Heavy Rain, Killzone2, and God Of War 3 to just start off 09.

All of the "etc" games you are mentioning are just like duke nukem right now. Just an old list on IGN's webpage of "????" TBA release dates with nothing current or any buzz or development news.No one can ever know what is up the sleeves. But right now, come on man. Multiplats are holding over the 360 till what? What games are people definitely looking forward to that have some news of surfacing in 2009? Outside of multiplats, dont you think that a console needs to have a reason to buy it outside of just a price? Because all that it would take for the sky to come falling down is a pricecut from the ps3.

There is no gaming news from Microsoft showing that they are working on their higher tier gaming Library. Just PR about maybe placing a distant second behind the Wii. Its like it stopped after halo3. Gears is a good product. But thats just 1. It would be nice to see a Forza3, Splinter Cell, ALL the stuff that was there on Xbox1 flowing over to the 360 at least. It would be fine if new titles were replacing these, but thats not happening either. I just want a new fusion frenzy this year \ next. I think thats on the way.

Or, maybe.. Exclusives are just dead. And we are just going to move our way into the 1 console world that EA dreams about at night. I dunno.

GUNS N SWORDS3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

"Its safe to say the PS3 had R1/R2 M1/M2 Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, GT5P, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, MGS4, Valkyira Chronicles, Warhawk, Socom, Hotshots Golf, Singtar, Buzz, all in two years on the market. and 2009 theres already: Heavy Rain, Killzone2, and God Of War 3 to just start off 09."

you added games that were out later than 06 and some of them much much later.

if your going to make a list that spans that long 360's got a huger list......cause it's ben out longer.

I'm talking about how long does it take for a gamer to feel that he needs to get more games.......a huge majority of ps3 gamers rely heavily on first and second party developers.

for 360 gamers not so fact not at all since 360 has a high successes rate on multiplats, so it's not so bad for a 360 gamer.


Metal gear didn't start on the ps, it was on the Nintendo in the late 80s, same thing with final fantasy, and the " making it for the iPod is a waste" thing is in reference to the fact that most ipod users buy ipods other than games, playing games was an add on for ipod users, it was a good add on but it wasn't "THE" add on that made it become popular.

if it's true that konami is making one, they did it cause they just wanted to, if it was by means of trying to rack in more sales this isn't the way to do, and I'm sure they know that already.

Bnet3433694d ago

Like everyone is saying, an MGS game for the iPod is a waste. I would really like to see Xbox get it's own Metal Gear games. Maybe a remake of the original since Metal Gear started on MSX, why not continue it?

jammy_703693d ago

does any1 no if trophies are coming to mgs4? cuz wooow that game wud be 11/10 if it did!

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knamelis3694d ago

I'd agree.... I bet it's coming out on the Ipod...


Buy a 360 and keep ur ps3.Trust me u will have more fun with games if u were not a fan boy and u had both consoles.

UltimateIdiot9113694d ago

I see that likely, I mean after all Kojima is a bit of a Apple fanboy. We have a Macbook and iPod in MGS4. There is a high possibility that Konami brings MGS4 into an actual iPod.

The Matrix3694d ago

"Is the green a reference to the 360? Don't get too excited... " No it would have to be red for that. :)

cayal3694d ago

Wanna Get High - You can have both (or all three) consoles and still be a fanboy.

I have a 360 and PS3, but I prefer PS3. But I enjoy what the 360 has to offer in exclusives.

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Th3 Chr0nic3694d ago

If it is really going to for the ipod or itouch or iDiot or whatever u want to call it then that is the lamest thing ever. so completely retarded i cant even put into words.
Im hoping it is MGST as in Metal gear sold Tactics for 360. i just made that up out of wishfull thinking but anything would be better than a lame cellphone game.

pwnsause3694d ago

it makes complete sense.

DrRage773694d ago

i think it is probably a mgs game for the iphone and/or nintendo ds...why only make a game for the playstation when the largest gaming market is handhelds? makes sense. i don't think it has anything to do with a game for the 360, nor do i care for one on the 360 for that matter.

solidt123694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I agree. People are just coming up with stuff out there arse to use as flame bait. No where did the website say it is a 360 game or PS3. The only assumption that makes since to any one with a brain is a possible touch game since it uses mgst on the site and that is also a complete assumption but at least that one makes a little since. We should wait for more Official information and not listen to idiots on the Internet.

rhood0223694d ago

That's what I thought that teaser image was hinting. I firmly believe it's MG Ac!d for the iTouch.

And the green coloring? Well, most graphical representations of acid -- in videogames/comics anyway -- are green.