Opinion: PlayStation 3 Price Cut Now

Clearly the people at Sony are not stupid. Clearly they are aware of their costs and their margins. But they seem to be overlooking one simple fact... critical mass. There is a point in any console generation whereby a winner is decided. It's not decided by GfK, or NPD. It's not decided by the platform holders. Its decided by popular consensus. And once that consensus is made, the loser is just that. The loser! And no one wants to back a loser. So after that point the loser's sales take a nosedive.

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rogimusprime3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

some people just think their editorials deserve everyone's attention.

They've lowered the price and added so much value to that system even in the last year. True, it seems hard to swallow during a month where 530K jobs were lost, but I think it's worth noting that they don't nickel and dime you like the xbox arcade bundle does.

I do think a temporary price cut for 4 weeks during the holiday would make people more likely to get it, but we all know Sony's not going to do that.

PoSTedUP3698d ago

it costs 400$ to produce a ps3, why would they drop the price and start losing money again if their sales are going good right now? LAME.

PirateThom3698d ago

Can you imagine if they cut the price for four weeks and then it went back to normal?

"Sony ripping off consumers - PS3 price hike!"

SPOnG3698d ago

Well first for Darkseider: it isn't news that's why it is marked as Opinion.

Secondly @rogimusprime: everybody thinks their editorials deserve everyone's attention. In this case, however, nobody at SPOnG actually submitted this Opinion piece to N4G. It must have been submitted independently by a reader.

I hope that clarifies things.

Editorial Director
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Real Gambler3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

This is NEWS for Gamers, not opinions for gamers. What people are complaining about is the fact that we come to NEWS for gamers to read NEWS, not opinion.

I really, really wish there was a web site: OPINIONS for gamers so we would not have to find this here!

Let me give you MY opinion:
We should be able to buy a car for less than what it cost to make.
We should be able to buy a house for less than what it cost to make.
We should be able to buy a HDTV for less than what it cost to make.
Does that mean my opinion is valid and should be considered a NEWS??? I don't think so. This is just a stupid opinion from nobody. As such, they should not show up in NEWS for gamers.

Darkseider3698d ago

Yes it is an opinion piece. The same opinion we have all heard over and over again, ad nauseum. Hence the reason why the name of the site is "NEWS for Gamers". Not "OPINIONS for Gamers". The MGS green flash thingy is news, the Killzone 2 uses 60% SPU is news, MS claims higher sales in Region X is news. My opinion, your opinion or anyone elses opinion is NOT NEWS. I understand that you did not submit it but it gets to be a real tiring when all you see is the same opinion for the nTH time as news.

SPOnG3698d ago


Once more time from the top... no one from SPOnG submitted this piece to N4G as news or anything else. Nobody at SPOnG approved it. Your rant is therefore without foundation fellah.

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SPOnG3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )


I can totally understand your frustration in terms of what is news and what isn't. In this case there's nothing whatsoever I can do about it mate. As I say, we had nothing to do with submitting, categorising or approving the Opinion piece for N4G.

I've got no problem at all with it being applauded or pilloried. I am, however, going to protest the idea that we have no news sense and that we used this site to display any such lack. The piece was clearly marked as 'Opinion' from the get-go.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm English, it's a Friday night in winter, the pub beckons.


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ultimolu3698d ago


Once again, I'm pretty sure the folks at Sony know what they're doing.

And this is not news. It's an opinion, not fact.

SPOnG3698d ago

That's right, it is opinion. The clue is in the word "Opinion" that appears right at the start of the headline. Sneaky aren't we?

Tim Smith
[email protected]

ultimolu3698d ago

I suppose.

But Sony shouldn't panic and go batsh*t insane just because the 360 dropped their price. They'll be making even more stupid decisions than before.

PimpHandHappy3698d ago

Oct 2009

PS3 80GB $300

PS3 160GB $400

PS3 320GB $500

PimpHandHappy3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

just wondering what you think

Do you think a Arcade sold is eqaul to a PS3 sold?

Do you think in todays market cutting price on a machine that is worth every penny of $400 is a smart move? Over time everything gets cheaper. If the PS3 is meant to be around for 10 years it has time to get to the magic $199 mark. I think when it hits $199 you will see sales higher then the Wii's best month. That will be in 4 years! That gives them atleast 3 years b4 the PS4 at a price point of 199

i can list the features that comes built into a PS3 but im sure you know more then me considering your on a tech website.

If the consumer wants to buy a $199 machine they will be missing out on all the things we "THE REAL GAMERS" consider next-gen.

The Wii is a hit because it has a couple fun mini games that makes OLD PPL MOVE AROUND! It gives the parents a reason to buy it. Lets get those kids off the couch. They like video games. Look at this tennis game. I spent $200 bucks on a weeks worth of food/gas. Whats $200 to give timmy and his grandpa something to share. No doubt nintendo was smart. I refuse to play the system because i like 2move 4ward and not back.

The arcade is a step back! Its why MS has said they will be making more casual games and why on TV adds you see the 360 has over 200 family games! IMO MS feels they have a foot hold in hardcore gamers eyes. Now they are going at the Wii and they cant even touch it. They are still 350,000 behind the Wii a month and they have spammed "starting at 199" all over my TV for 8 weeks. I have never heard the Wii talk about price and bet i never will!

In all things electronic you have ppl that want the cutting edge. It all started with $2000 mobile phones and b4 laser disk you had dvd! back in the day someone with a flat screen TV was cutting edge. I think we can agree that the PS3 is the cutting edge of electronic entertainment!

Im guessing the Arcade will help MS brag about how they are winning vs Sony. They will continue to sell off that backlog of HDD that where collectiing dust in the warehouse.

Sony will do what it does. Bringing out many many new games a year thanks in part to its many years in the biz and the many 1st devs they have working for them! PPL like to work with Sony! Sony is known for making a good product! Even my parents know this

your opinion means nothing! Maybe your part of this "i want it now" culture!

Well dude

Sony is run by very smart ppl and if they say its not going to happen its not going to happen! They even said you wont see a price cut till well after spring!

SPOnG3698d ago


It wasn't my opinion that was printed. Did you read the actual piece? If so you will have seen that what the author's name is.

I'll do you the courtesy of reading your opinion and if I've got anything to say about it, I'll post.


molsen813698d ago

I agree that if Microsoft crushes Sony in hoilday sales, they have every right to claim themselves as the winner of this gen console war. At some point it will be impossible for Sony to catch up. Does Sony really care at this point? Where is the advertisement for Killzone 2? Sure hardcore gamers like myself are aware of this game, but most gamer depend on commercials to decide on new games. I just don't know what Sony is thinking. I'm happy with my PS3, but I know others can't enjoy the same experience because of the price.

nycredude3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

You have to realize there is no winner or loser this generation. the only people who thinks so is fanboys who give a sh*t! When there is competition the only winners are us, the consumer.


In this day and age where people line up and go crazy over an iphone that costed $600, that is freaking $600, to continue moaning about paying $400 for a Ps3 is only retarded!

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