Rumor Killers: December 5

Is Metal Gear Solid 4 finally coming to the 360?

Is Fable 2 coming to the PC?

Is Nintendo revamping the Wii Remote?

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Blink_443695d ago

God im so sick of this MGS4 going to 360.

predator3695d ago

Might not be MGS4 but expect a spin off or some version of Metal Gear for sure

Captain_Sony3694d ago

Your basing that off of waht exactly? You do understand that last gen they had no problem giving the MGS games to GC and xbox right? Those werent spin offs they offered. I see no reason what so ever to assume that anything you are saying holds any merit when just last gen they were doing what you claim they wouldnt do now.

predator3694d ago

because there is no way they will turn there backs on money, also i sadi might!!! so im not saying there wont be a substance type, read what i say first

Fallen_Angel3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Its not MGS4 its MGST T as in Trilogy. If you look at the circle with the i in it you'll see that is the same as the small circle in the middle of the 360.

callahan093694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

@Fallen_Angel, you mean the same "small circle" that's also on the Wii and PS3, and a lot of other electronic devices?

It's a universal symbol for electronic equipment.

This rumor is ridiculous and this web site has lost some credibility in my opinion. I used to be somewhat in agreement with their analyses of whether some rumors could be true or not, but this one is just ridiculous. They say "somewhat likely?" I'd say "absolutely not."

Look at it, it is "i + !" ... The lower case i is a significant part of the message, and in what universe could that possibly imply anything 360-related? It's almost guaranteed to be the iPhone, because lots of companies are making iPhone games now, Kojima Productions has a working relationship with Apple already (the iPod is featured prominently in MGS4) and the team has already made a Metal Gear game for mobile phones, so that same division of the team is almost guaranteed to be working on a Metal Gear game for iPhone now.

MGS4 going to 360? The teaser does not in any way imply that. For one thing, it clearly says "A Next Metal Gear..." That implies that it's not a current or past Metal Gear. Nay, it does not "imply" it, it states it out right, plain as can be. About the green: doesn't anyone remember the color & font in the codec conversations in past Metal Gear games? The pictures in the codec conversations had the same green tint, and the text was of the same font. And the codec is a portable device. And green also means "go."

All told, the colors, the universal symbol, the "i" and the "!" point to a portable game (iPhone).

OK to the phantom disagreers... come out of your caves and tell me outright: what did I say that isn't true and accurate? Explain to all of us how the symbol is not a universal electronic equipment symbol. Tell us all how the prominent "i" in the teaser could either a) not have any signifiance, or b) have something to do with the Xbox 360. Why don't you enlighten everyone as to how the phrase "A next Metal Gear" could be talking about Metal Gear Solid 4, which is by definition a PAST Metal Gear?

Captain_Sony3694d ago

Predater you have real comprehension issues. What I said was that LAST GEN NOT A SINGLE SPIN OFF WAS MADE.. I asked why you thought it would this gen when it didnt last gen.. Your only answer was money.. They wont make money by putting MGS4 on 360 but they will some lame spin off?Rtarded

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King20083694d ago

Why people would get so offended if it did come out on the 360. I no longer own a 360 just PS3 and I hope that everyone gets to play this game. People follow sales figures as if by everyone buys (insert favorite console here) it somehow makes the one they own better. Games are going to continue to come out for each system regardless of sales numbers. I believe the game industry should work like this...Exclusive content from 1st party studios as well as 2nd party studios and Multiplat for everyone else. This would encourage everyone to to learn new tech as well as share tech with other parties. I have a ps3 and I could care less if it sold 200,000 in 1 month or 2,000,000 in a week.

Nineball21123694d ago

I agree with you. If MGS4 was ever going to move consoles because of it's exclusivity, then those days are past.

I don't see an issue with it going to the 360 at this point.

IaMs123694d ago

i dont either, (maybe cuz i own a 360 lol) BUT the same happened with Bioshock and quite frankly i am glad everyone gets to enjoy it, its an awesome game with a cool storyline i cant wait for the 2nd one

aubradley3694d ago

Konami might as well just port MGS 4 so the rumors can finally die. Though I'd really like to see an iPhone game just to see how it would work.

Optimus_Prime3694d ago

It is probably going to be MGS4: Subsistence

Like always, Xbox 360 gets the superior version of a game.

Tmac3694d ago

Lol superior with 10 discs infinite loading and RROD to boot.

Pennywise3694d ago

Did you just see how many people crossed the bridge when you werent looking?

DiabloRising3694d ago

You mean like the superior PS2 editions of Substance and Subsistence?


Aclay3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

LOL, Optimus Prime

Kojima himself said that he didn't beleive that MGS4 was even possible on the 360 the way that it is on the PS3.

Games like Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 aren't even possible on the Xbox 360 if they have been optimized FULLY for the Playstation 3 and have been developed around the PS3's architecture. The only way that MGS4 could be possible on the 360 is if it was downgraded and compressed down. And if by some miracle MGS4 did come to the 360, it wouldn't be the superior version.

I seriously doubt that this has anything to do with Metal Gear Solid 4 on 360. If you want MGS4 that bad, GET A PS3.

Fallen_Angel3694d ago

Kind of like how FF13 isnt possible on the 360 cause its "been optimized FULLY for the Playstation 3" using the "white tools" ........................Oh wait oops thats going to the 360.

SuperM3694d ago

No its using the Crystal tools and its basically a pc engine. Which actually doesnt sound very good for the ps3 version. If the game ends up looking the same on PS3 and 360 its pretty obvious square has been lying when saying the game wont be dumbed down because of the 360 version. But anything else then them lying would actually surprise me alot.

Captain_Sony3694d ago

Considering 99% of all games look better on 360 only an idiot would even make the stupid assumption that it had to be dumed down for 360.. I just have to ask where you fanboys get the BS you spew from? I mean reality says something completely different then what you claim yet you still think you have some right to claim it. Please explain how FF would need to be dumbed down when GTA4 for PS3 was the one that needed the patch to be playable and still couldnt play the game at the promised 720p like 360 did.

Graphics Whore3694d ago

99% of Games look better on Xbox 360 eh? I guess that 1% is Killzone 2.

Mr Microsoft3694d ago

@ Captain Sony

Considering that 99% of your posts are FUD and full of crap, only an idiot would even make the stupid assumption you have even half of a clue about anything.

I just have to ask where you, as a fanboy, get the BS you spew from? I mean reality says something completely different then what you claim yet you still think you have some right to claim it.

MGS4 won't be coming to the Xbox 360.

IaMs123694d ago

Hey honestly switching Disks can get annoying, dont get me wrong but i still stick to me opinion that swapping the Disk between the acts will be a lot faster then waiting for 2-5 min installs EVERY time as well. It is like you are swapping the disks anyway. Most people i say most not all, will get up from the couch during that install time anyway to get a drink etc.. why not just pop the new disk in while your up then pop a squat on the couch on your way back....

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