Xbox 360 Achievement Whorage

DaveDaGamer writes:
"I have to admit, I used to be a fan of XBOX Live Achievements. Really. I was one of the early supporters for recording the milestones you've achieved during your conquests through videogamedom.

I remember the lunch time arguments about who had the high score in game a or b, or who had gotten all the Choas Emeralds in "Sonic the Hedgehog" or unlocked Super Sonic. Arguments usually went like this; Guy A, "Man the Rocket Launcher in "Resident Evil" was off the hook!" Guy B, "Yeah, and when you jumped off in the parachute and had to kill the Omega Tyrant - that was hot too!" Guy A. "Parachute? What parachute, there's no Omega Tyrant" Guy B, "Uh Huh! You gotta do six back flips during the final boss battle!"

Obviously Guy B was lying about his supremacy. But with Achievements you could "PROVE" that you did what you said you did. In theory…"

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GrieverSoul3696d ago

Achivements and Trophies are great addictions to the title.

However, the word achivement led this article to make a fatal mistake.
Achivments are meant to show what you achieve to others! Like where are you on a campaign mode for said game. Or reaching the end of that said game. Thats its purpose. However, people think achivements are for stuff really hard to do in a game like the 5 head shots in a row without reloading. No they are not! U have reached level 5! Achivement unliocked! I compare it to my friends list and I was the first to reach level 5! Thats the concept.

However, this does in fact have a flaw! High Gamer Score doesnt prove youre better than the other since u can buy games and finish its campaign mode, 500GS pop up, and move to another game without reaching the full 1000GS. In that way of view, PS3´s trophy system works better! THe Platinum trophy shows you dont fool around!

My 2 cents on this.

Bubble Buddy3696d ago

To add to your comment. Your level for trophies drop if you play another game and you have less % than with all your other games. It's fair in my opinion. You don't need to buy 83275324 guys to get to a high level. You need 100%'s in a few games and your level will still be high. Achievements I just need to rent or borrow games from my friends or blockbuster and get all the easy ones and it doesn't prove anything.

davedagamer3696d ago

But that's exactly my point. Sure give me an achievement for reaching level 5, but why give me one for just pushing start, or completing a tutorial? Those are things that you "have" to do. You can't skip them. Not many people make it to Level 5 so you can classify beating a level as an achievement. But starting the game? Are we that lazy?

Kill Crow3696d ago

are a great way of extending games lives ... I've redone many levels just to get the achievments ... and have many games I'm bored of now, but still plan on getting some missing achievements later ...

bitboi3696d ago

most achievements in games are filler for the quota they have to meet. What I don't get is instead of giving the 10 points or whatever for a stupid achievement, why not just double up on the points you receive for said achievement?

1233603696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

trophy system is a much better way theres no way of people saying they done this, done that ,its there for all to see,best part is you can compare and even asked your friends if you struggle how they got a certain trophy if its high lighted on their list.for example shoot the general with a pistol in cod5, my mate was doing his head in on that,just told him to sight up with sniper as he enters car then switch to pistol unload and 3 trys later silver trophy.great way to find out what them missing ???? trophys are too

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The story is too old to be commented.