Returnal isn't the must-have PS5 exclusive you think it is

The sci-fi roguelite game is pretty but deadly.

GaboonViper3d ago

Maybe people can choose for themselves if the game is a must have.

LordoftheCritics3d ago

If they can then this opinion shouldn't bother them.

Eonjay3d ago

I'm fascinated with the constant assertation that gamers need to be told what to think. It's not an opinion piece, it is instructions on what to believe as if the author knows what we want. I didn't even know for myself until I played it a few hours. This is exactly what I thought it would be, a high quality rougue like that's real a different perspective of an arcade shumup.. At it's core it's Resogun. It's different and I can't wait to master it.

Babadook73d ago

Maybe his opinion is that the article presents an opinion as fact?

CorndogBurglar3d ago

I get what GaboonViper is saying. The headline alone is making presumptions about what I think of this game. Thats a little annoying.

knightedHollow3d ago

Its a clickbaity opinion that wouldn't even exist if clickbaity weren't a thing.

So it should bother anyone who cares about honesty in journalism

dragon_rocks3d ago

The author isn't saying "the author thinks it is" but telling others "you think it is".

FanboysKiller2d ago

Well that's what reviews are meant for , to piss the readers and sometimes even if it's positive they pull it's deserved credential through their language between the lines to kill the hype desperately ,even if they act professionally and say otherwise it's kinda pointless actually to write a review from the get-go . if they do it from the headline or the first 5 lines then they're gunslingers to rush through all that unprofessionally.

lio_convoy2d ago

It doesn't bother me, but that stupid avatar of yours does.

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Cikatriz_ESP3d ago

Congratulations. Not all of us can spend $70 on a whim.

VerminSC3d ago

Gaming is a luxury item. Don’t act entitled or petty with something that is a luxury item. If people want to spend $70 that’s their right. Just like you spent $500 on a non essential PS5

derek3d ago

Can't afford it dint buy it.

InUrFoxHole3d ago

Wait... acting entitled or petty is someone pointing out the $70 price point (only an idiot would pay imo) is too steep?

slayernz3d ago

lol @ InUrFoxHole some of us actually have jobs (decent ones at that) so $70 is bugger all, so im an idiot now because i have money to spend on luxuries....?????? isnt that how life works? lmao

knightedHollow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Honestly at this point I wouldn't mind the price go up to 100$ per game. Maybe then those that didn't have a problem with the recent increase would change their tune.

I'll still wait until it's more affordable of it won't really affect me.

In fact maybe 120$ might be the boost they need. Double the price like game with gold tried.

Dirtnapstor3d ago

Gaming is indeed a luxury, and can be costly. Save your pennies and buy this at some point. It is definitely worth it.

JackBNimble3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

That's why I wait for user reviews instead of wasting money on a game I may not enjoy.

You may just get your wish considering the way the government is spending money . There is only one thing that can happen now and that's hyperinflation.

Hopefully it doesn't kill your hobby .

StoneyYoshi2d ago

"Honestly at this point I wouldn't mind the price go up to 100$ per game. Maybe then those that didn't have a problem with the recent increase would change their tune."

This has to be one of the most spiteful comments I've ever seen on here. SMDH

kimbomma12d ago

So if it was $60 that would magically make whim spending possible?

SpineSaw2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Why are people crying about a $10 increase in the price if a game? Look if one can't afford the little $10 increase there are other gaming options for example if you like hand outs then maybe the Xbox Game Pass Food Stamp program is for you. Now you get a bunch of old 2 and 3 generation ago games along with some Indy games you've never heard of but you also get some Xbox First Party day one releases but those they only see 2 maybe 3 a year and those games can't sell outside of the Xbox Game Pass Food Stamp type program. But if you can't afford the $10 increase then apply for the Food Stamps Of gaming program Xbox would love to have you.

AirJohnston2d ago

@VerminSC so yall are just fine with these companies squeezing us dry? It's only gonna keep going up and yall are gonna keep thanking them for it instead of holding them accountable for their greed

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Sayai jin3d ago

Yes l, that's why it's an opinion piece.

Saijahn3d ago

People that faithfully rely on the opinion of others to determine if a game is a good or not (metacritic) they'll make a decision for themselves? You joking? 🤣

InUrFoxHole3d ago

Uh... They are. It's just a piece man.

3d ago
DarthZoolu3d ago

Do you mean like the author of this review? In 1970 iq's actually started decreasing.

Smok913d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Lmao why did you click on an opinion article just to say that? Pointing out common sense doesn’t make one look smart.

boing12d ago (Edited 2d ago )

How can they choose if they can't try it out without buying it? That is kind of risky decision at 70 bucks as the game represents niche genre. Clearly the game isn't for everyone.

NXFather2d ago

They did. It did so so. Which isn't bad for a semi Sony AAA experience. Only 1/4 sales of Nintendo Pokemon snap though. Enough for them to keep making games but, you were delusional if you thought this game was gonna be a system seller.

thorstein2d ago

It's CNET. That should explain quite a bit. Think of all the terrible game journalists out there, then go lower and you find CNET.

LordoftheCritics2d ago

Don't go any lower. You won't be able to unsee what Fox has in store for you.

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gleepot3d ago

If you like roguelites, a must have. If you don't, a must skip.

antikbaka3d ago

it's nowhere near a proper roguelike experience

muffindecker3d ago

And why not?
Why don't you list the reasons why?

antikbaka2d ago

there is no variety in weapons, maps and character. Some of the first ones can be outright useless in the best case, the second ones are the same from replay to replay. And as a result the character is played the same style every playthrough.

In a proper roguelike game at least 2 out of 3 mentioned points are in a constant process of change.

BenRC013d ago

Not even remotely interested in it but sure those who are, are having a blast. Bring on re8

RosweeSon2d ago

I have a little interest but can’t argue with Resi8 looks like they’ve gone and made another blinder ala Resi4 can’t wait, mines gone to the warehouse just hoping posted tomorrow tops as should make it for Thursday then 😍🙌🏻

Atticus_finch3d ago

I disagree. I have never even played a "Rogue like" game before and I love Returnal. I also rarely play shooters unless they have an interesting story.
The Returnal gameplay is really good.

antikbaka2d ago

how can you disagree if you even don't know what you are talking about

Atticus_finch2d ago

Because he said "if you like" I have never been insterested in any before.

Eidolon2d ago

He's saying that your argument is invalid if you have never played a roguelite. IF you haven't played a roguelite, then how do you know you wouldn't have liked it? He's implying people who HAVE played rogue lites and not liked them, will not like this game. That's still to be proven, but it still went over your head.

RosweeSon2d ago

Yeah don’t think it’s for me. I’ll check it in a few months. Personally I think it’s one of those games that is overhyped not long after launch as what else is there in the long run will it be an essential purchase or a timeless classic, well time will tell but I’m saying no🤷🏻‍♂️✌ӿ 95;

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BrainSyphoned3d ago

Madden is not the must play football game you think it is. I was was playing the 85' Bears and I had to settle for field goals for 4 15 minute quarters. After that game was finally over I had to start a whole new game against the 2000 Ravens! Worst exclusive NFL game ever.

Profchaos3d ago

Well it's a copy and paste game madden, FIFA and basically anything under the EA sports label hasn't been must play for over a decade

gamerWarfare3d ago

I feel like the word "journalism" as it relates to gaming these days firmly belongs in quotation.

garos823d ago

i can never type game "journalism" without the quotation marks. I feel dirty without including them.

knightedHollow3d ago

Gaming journalism is more useless than you think it is.

NeoGamer2322d ago

Have you actually read the article?

Personally I like rogue games so I will be getting Returnal, but really the writer is talking about the genre as much as the game itself. And just like shooters or RPGs, or platforms, or whatever are not for everyone, they are pointing out why rogue games aren't for everyone.

There is nothing wrong with that and diversity of opinion should be valued. It is not a fanboy or negative playstation rant, it is more a statement of, "If you don't like these things, then this game probably isn't for you".

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