Will Sony Bring Trophies to PSP?

Loot Ninja writes:

"With the PSP now semi-utilizing the PlayStation Network, Sony has the unique opportunity of branching out their Trophy system to the handheld platform. Both upcoming retail and downloadable titles could feature Trophies that, when unlocked, could sync up to the PSN to add to your total level. But will they make it happen?"

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iiprotocolii3694d ago

will be one of the best implementations. How awesome would that be to be able to gather Trophies on the PSP through your PSN ID and have it add to your trophy list. Great article.

drunkpandas3694d ago

Like I said in the article, I think this would be a great, easy, and cheap way for Sony to bolster both hardware and software sales for the PSP.

chasuk083694d ago

What they really need to do is add trophies and online play to psp games that only works on retail versions (legal copies). This way it would give people the incentive to actually pay for psp games rather than downloading them.

Danja3694d ago

This would be a great idea....

fiercescuba3694d ago

I'm kinda meh about the idea. Not too enthused either way. Still is a great addition, but I'm not an achievement/trophy junkie anyway.

For the gamers that are, it's badass.

mrdxpr23694d ago

i think the best way for sony to combat piracy and used game sales is too when a person buys a new game they get a code where u can only use it 2 times and put it on a part in the psn and u can have trophies and sony wont lose...

devilhunterx3694d ago

Didnt sony already commented about this before? Somewhere in 2009

Counter_ACT3694d ago

I was thinking about this the other day. I hope they do.

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The story is too old to be commented.