Nintendo magazine tests Wii Speak

Verdict: clean-looking design, questionable sound quality...

NGamer trials out Nintendo's new Wii Speak community microphone

NGamer magazine has been having a play around with Nintendo's new Wii Speak microphone peripheral and new Wii Speak Channel today, with the initial responses to Nintendo's new hardware being a little underwhelming.

Matthew Castle, Games Editor on NGamer, told TechRadar: "Wii Speak is quite different to the rival consoles' headset chat. The mic is aimed at a general gaming space as opposed to the individual mouth, so the actual sound quality suffers.

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Calcio3699d ago

right - who wants to help me tend my virtual garden in Animal Crossing...anyone?

zoydwheeler3699d ago

I'd love to spread some of my manure on your cabbage patch.

darthv723699d ago

I'd like to see a camera attachment for video chat. they can call it "Wii See". Bundle it with the Wii speak and call it "Wii See & Say".

ChickeyCantor3699d ago

more friend codes!!! yay !!! =(

Maxned3699d ago

I'd like to see headphone support and for universal chat (meaning you can set up a chat in the wii speak channel and then go into a game and you still are chatting)