The Mysterious Project Origin Case Opens

Kotaku reports: "Last week I received a mysterious case, delivered to a local storage facility with instructions to post a video in order to receive an unlock code. Now the case has been opened - what's inside?

The small metal case was found inside a storage locker a short drive from my home, following directions that arrived via a mysterious letter in the mail. For the past week I've been staring at this thing, idly running through the numbers now and then to see if I might stumble across the unlock code, to no avail. Now a post on the Project Origin community forums from a user named Caseman has revealed the combination. Anyone have money on 332?

Hit the jump for a video of the case opening, and more questions."

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t_tocs3699d ago

Thought it would contain a lot more than that. Although, the gaming chair rig thingamajig is pretty sweet.

Timesplitter143699d ago

I dunno what they're trying to do with this but it's not getting me more hyped for the game

t_tocs3699d ago

They could have really worked up the hype factor with this one. I think they missed it.