Saints Row 5 and Dead Island 2 may be exclusive to Epic Games Store

According to a leaked court document, Dead Island 2 and Saints Row 5 will be exclusive to Epic Games Store.

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Orchard1118d ago

This court case is proving to be the biggest info dump/leak we've ever had, and the most reliable source lol.

Paleblood1118d ago

Exactly. No one would though how Microsoft praised so much The Last of Us 2 as to say that there is nothing like it in any console or on PC.

gamer78041118d ago

Doesn’t change that it’s story and writing is atrocious...

Orchard1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

The irony is they are looking the 'nicest' so far based on their 'review' of TLOU2... despite looking super awkward.

Apple are looking bad for saying things like 'we run the store, we collect the revenue" & the whole case itself
Sony are looking bad for being anti-crossplay & creating fees for devs wanting to cross-play
Epic are looking bad for saying things like "I cant think of a scenario where Epic doesn't get what we want" and basically trying to bribe Sony with 'making them look like heroes'

It's a good reminder that these companies ARE big corporations, not our friends, no matter how hard they pretend otherwise.

But hey, it's early days. Very likely a lot more info is going to come out as the case continues, relating to every company. It should be an interesting few days ahead.

Paleblood1118d ago


The same way that doesn't change the fact that the game has received over 200 GOTY awards and is the only game on video game in history so far to receive the most awards.

MadLad1118d ago

Getting tired of EPIC simply buying exclusivity. If they outright bought these companies, and acted as publisher, it would be one thing.

Can't produce a solid storefront, but can throw boat loads of cash at developers to make sure you have to use it ...

GottaBjimmyb1118d ago

Complaining about free games and devs making their money back? Odd.

MadLad1118d ago

And yet they've been in the red since the store's inception, and for the foreseeable future.
Looks like my mentality is shared by many. GoG reworks old titles for new OS and hardware. Steam hosts an amazing network for players to interact. Greenman actually gives you the chance to return titles for store credit. Gamersgate hosts many abandonware titles you couldn't find elsewhere.

It's cool that Epic offers free titles to people, but it's not like other sites haven't also, and it's legitimately the only thing they have to offer, outside of trying to gate off access to games on other platforms via Tencent/Fortnite money.
Everything they do anymore, as a company, is shady business practice.

smashman981118d ago

What does it matter if we're the ones benefiting?

Profchaos1118d ago

If you dont like it don't use it. It's not like this is new they have been getting exclusive titles since they launched but they offer devs a better profit margin over steam just taking 30% and long term that percentage will matter some Devs may look at less profitable games as more profitable overall leading to sequels.that wouldn't have happened if it made 15% less.

I mean steam used to be the best place for sales and overall the cheapest place to play that hasn't been the case for a number of years so I have to ask what makes steam special now IMO nothing really elevates it above epic other than it's nice to have all my games in one place but I have gog for that now

MadLad1117d ago

"Dont like it don't use it" isn't a solid response to my disagreeing to calling out the only PC storefront who is trying to wall off titles to their store.

Paleblood1118d ago

That's what Xbox is doing too.

Petebloodyonion1118d ago

Well, I agree with a lot with your claims about Epic not really improving the store but they are also making things different.

1) They are the 1st to actually cut their profit margin to give back to devs and publishers.
2) they are actually giving good quality games putting pressure on PS+/Humble bundle into offering better titles too. And let's not forget that they are giving the games not renting the game.
3) They are actually trying to push the current monopoly structure of Steam and the fact that they are fighting back shows that they are starting to be a thorn in their side.

TheColbertinator1118d ago

I don't know, Ted. They haven't committed any crimes and have been aggressive just like the other major players in the industry but that is the only way to survive.

MadLad1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

I don't like their business practice. Look even at the lawsuits they are in; they're playing power grabs in every market, and trying to circumvent the rules had on other storefronts for maximum profit.
It's their right as a business, but that doesn't mean I endorse it.
I like PC being an open market though, and they're the only ones trying to change that. Steam has a majority on the PC, but they never stopped me from buying games through other stores.
They're doing everything they can to get that majority market, and I'm positive, if and when they get it, even that bigger cut in sales for devs will go out the window.

TheColbertinator1117d ago

I see your point. Don't endorse their tactics myself just because I am aware of their usage.

We'll have to see in the future if their customer friendly pitches are here to stay regardless of their profits to come.

MadLad1117d ago

Don't get me wrong; the day they start taking that money and bankrolling interesting new "Epic Exclusive" projects, they'll have my money.
But as long as they're throwing around money just to limit where I can buy games, I'll simply wait until it's available elsewhere. I just choose to not support what I find bad business practice.

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Razmiran1118d ago

If dead island 2 ever releases im fine with it even if its a stadia exclusive in the end
Im just curious if it will ever make it out

Father__Merrin1118d ago

Saints 5 better return to what saints 2 was

chicken_in_the_corn1118d ago

I'd rather see a new style altogether

Germaximus1118d ago

Agents of Mayhem is awesome

isarai1118d ago


Seriously! I bought that game on sale, and honest i felt critics were too harsh on it. It's super satisfying to play and the city is beautiful. Really made me excited to see what they do for Saints Row 5.

robtion1118d ago

No thanks.

I think saints 3 and 4 are much better. Hopefully they keep going with the over the top shenanigans.

XxINFERNUSxX1118d ago

That's nice, if I was interested in these games, torrent FTW, fuck you Epic haha. While everyone complains, moans and groans I just torrent with a smile 😊

Skuletor1118d ago

I'm still waiting for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater to come to Steam and there's no torrent for that yet

XxINFERNUSxX1118d ago

I know, it's been out since Aug. 2020 I think. No torrent because it requires a internet connection at every launch of the game. They need more time. Come on CODEX you can do it 😀

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