Epic Games Proposed To Make Sony Look Like Heroes When They Announced Cross-Play For Fortnite

Epic Games offered to make Sony look like heroes when they announced cross-play for Fortnite, new documents have revealed.

Sonyslave32d ago (Edited 2d ago )

That 500mil investment get you good pr. Never trust lying tim sweeney again after this news.

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Sonyslave32d ago

Now we know why the UE 5 was ps5 only.

I think sony should get their legal team ready cause if Apple lose in court they're next.

Nitrowolf22d ago

Under what bases of suing lol

Sonyslave32d ago (Edited 2d ago )

@Nitro im saying epic is going to come at Ms and Sony next, which is why Ms is cutting their 30% on pc and maybe consoles too.

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smashman982d ago

UE5 isn't ps5 only and never was. However, it was demoed on a ps5 devkit.

smashman982d ago (Edited 2d ago )

@darklion This isn't about Apple taking a cut. This is about Apple not allowing other stores on their platform the way android does.

To be clear I don't give a shit about epic but a win from epic in this case would be good for everyone.

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OptimusDK1d 23h ago

@darklionso what you are saying is that wallmart is the only store in the world...LOL

Hurfs1d 23h ago

What Apple does is no different than what Walmart does! Really, with Walmart if I do not like the price I can walk next door to another store and buy it there. On IOS I have to use the Apple store an there lies the problem. The EU will put an end to this sooner rather then later, it has already started.

"EU to charge Apple with anti-competitive behaviour this week"

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Petebloodyonion2d ago

Just remember that according to some member, it was console Xbox and Switch that was desperate for crossplay
I guess now know who was truly asking for Crossplay.

BlackTar1872d ago

they are the ones who are desperate for crossplay though lol

Orchard2d ago

It's clear from the court documents / emails that Epic (and likely other developers) were desperate for crossplay - because they wanted to maximize their player pool and let people play with friends easily etc (and make more money).

No where in the documents does it mention Microsoft or Nintendo pushing for it. That theory has been well and truly debunked now - documents taken via subpoena and/or given under oath in court are about as good as you're going to get.

Orchard2d ago

Yep... but it was probably obvious to anyone with a brain cell that developers wanted this functionality.

generic-user-name2d ago

Just because devs wanted it, doesn't mean MS and Nintendo weren't also very eager for it.

"No where in the documents does it mention Microsoft or Nintendo pushing for it. That theory has been well and truly debunked now - documents taken via subpoena and/or given under oath in court are about as good as you're going to get."

And why would MS and Nintendo be mentioned in those documents? It's not even a 'theory', Phil openly said it many times, Nintendo agree to it with Xbox, they even did a 'cute' little trailer for it. Nothing has been debunked here at all.

Orchard2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I doubt MS and Nintendo were against the idea (we know they weren't), but it's clear who the real pressure was coming from - the narrative of 'only MS is pushing cross-play because they need Sony's userbase' has been completely destroyed now - game developers wanted it more than anyone.

"And why would MS and Nintendo be mentioned in those documents?"

MS has already been named in numerous documents that have come out via this court case, and we're only a few hours in. So why would they NOT be mentioned/participants in the cross-play docs too?

In actual fact, if you read the mails, the only person who mentions Microsoft, is Sony. And Epic don't even address their question about Microsoft.

kayoss2d ago

Actually, MS at one point was pushing for crossplay. It was Sony who didnt want crossplay at the time.

Petebloodyonion2d ago

There's a difference between saying in an interview we have no problem with crossplay or we see the benefit for the players and needing it.
Again I yet to see an article about Nintendo requesting Sony for crossplay or it would benefit Nintendo as a company to have ppl play more Fortenite.

But I can provide articles about Rocket League dev explaining the need for cross-play and Sony denied them (way before Phil Spencer's tweet)

I can provide an article about Bethesda threatening Sony about not releasing the game if there was no crossplay

And now we have articles about Epic trying to sweeten the deal with Sony for crossplay

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RazzerRedux2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

"We really want cross-play system between XB1 and PS4"

"Me 2."
Phil Spencer

Couple that with all the folks desperately wanting to play Fortnite with "friends" on PS4? Yeah.....that's all I'm going to say about that. Disagree? That's fine too.

Petebloodyonion2d ago

And yet every time that argument pop up, the only thing you can provide is that great tweet of Phil answering a fan asking about cross play
And ironically the question asked by the fan was directly related to Sony denying Epic.

As for your Xbox fans.and switch care to show us the several article about how they were more desperate compared to the Sony fan that flood Sony’s support page or made some petition online at the time?

RazzerRedux2d ago

That's all I need to show. You just don't like it. Oh well.

Petebloodyonion2d ago

Actually, the only thing it shows is exactly how weak your argument is regarding MS or Nintendo being desperate for crossplay when compared to letters from a publisher trying to persuade Sony into changing stance by offering stuff.
Or how weak it is compared to Bethesda threatening to not release a game on PS4 if there's no crossplay

So why would I dislike your answer?

Zhipp2d ago

Devs and players wanted the functionality. Ultimately it was the platform holders providing service to their customers.

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Orchard2d ago

The fact that Sony tried to cash in on microtransactions performed outside of Playstation / revenue generated from other platforms is worse than what Apple etc. are doing with taking a 30% cut on their own store...

Orchard2d ago

It just got confirmed in court that this is still policy, and that Nintendo & Microsoft do NOT charge for cross-play:

"Epic CEO Tim Sweeney just confirmed that Sony is the only platform holder that requires Epic to pay compensation for crossplay. Epic had to agree to pay these additional fees to enable crossplay in Fortnite."


chiefJohn1172d ago

Sony charge for Crossplay? Wow smh

Walweeze2d ago

Guess this is the Sony hate of the week? Wonder what we will get next week

generic-user-name2d ago

We gotta go back to 2018 to rehash stuff it seems. Maybe next week we'll get to hear about the PS3 being launched for FIVE NINE NINE.

Orchard2d ago

It's nothing to do with that. It's because there is a huge federal court case going on with Epic vs Apple around Fortnite & store revenue shares. A lot of interesting information has already come out about Epic, Sony & Microsoft within the Fortnite years.

Expect a lot more to come out as the case continues.

DaCajun2d ago

Sorry Orchard but I've been on here since this site was pro xbox and now pro sony. You can not, I repeat you can not spout common sense on this rabid fanboy site. You can have all the facts laid out in black and white, it doesn't matter. Just give up trying to be logical here.

I'm pro Sony most of the time, own every console ever made from every console maker except the last 2 xbox and even I can only take so much of the ignorance and blind loyalty from the fanboys on this site no matter which side. I'm a gamer first and it makes me sick we can't find common ground, just human nature to hate.

Petebloodyonion2d ago

I don't see why it's a hate article on Sony.
Basically Epic was trying to persuade Sony with Money
The only thing it shows is that publishers see profit in crossplay to the point they are ok with paying.

RauLeCreuset2d ago

"I don't see why it's a hate article on Sony."

Walweeze didn't specifically say the article was the hate. "This" could be referring to some usual suspects who want to spin scandal out of confirmation of something I said years ago. There would have to be a revenue sharing agreement that rewards Sony proportionally to their player base for it to be greenlit.

OB1Biker2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

The same Tom Warren spin in many different ways lol.
Even though he is specialised in Microsoft news, or should I say PR.

1d 15h ago
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Silly gameAr2d ago

Well, that's ok. The media made them look like super villains, so I guess it evens out.

Darkborn2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Yeah, the fact is Sony asked Microsoft 2 gens ago now to allow cross play and Microsoft said no. Then Sony enabled cross play with some games and pc. This past Gen Microsoft had no games and a ton of games were falling apart due to low player counts and asked Sony for cross play and they said nope. I would have done the same thing.

Petebloodyonion2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Care to show us some articles or proof that MS asked Sony or Nintendo asking Sony due to low players count.
And just a question what benefit does playing Rocket League or Fortnite on Xbox1 with Ps4/PC/Switch procure to Microsoft?
Are they making more money from a free-to-play sale?
Does the Ps4 user generate money to MS?
Did it entice the Xbox player into playing more Halo and buying more MTS for the game (meaning more money)?
Did Ps4 users start to buy an Xbox because of crossplay?

S2Killinit2d ago

I remember this. Very true.

Darkborn1d 22h ago

Google it. It happened like 10 years ago and no one cared. It was a one day story and that was it. When Microsoft was failing to hit 50 million units shipped which they jsut hit last month, they asked Sony for cross play and everyone and their mom was pissed at Sony for saying no. Why should they say yes when they were turned down and had no incentive to allow it?

1d 17h ago
Darkborn1d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

Bloth I remember hearing about it like a decade ago. If it was fake oh well, but it happened years before Microsoft asked Sony. So don't call me a liar. Tons of other people all say the same thing. The difference is it was a non issue and it wasn't dumped in the news everyday to make Sony the villain. Hell look at this page, multiple people say the same thing. Microsoft denied the request because they didn't need it. And the hacking thing happened from American hackers that were probably anti Sony just to piss off Sony. They did have a worse infrastructure and hashing I believe it was called that wasn't full encryption, but I almost never experienced the "constant DC's" and lag and all that stuff you Xbox fans regurgitate. I almost never experienced in a decade, not being able to login every single day on psn.

Modo3h ago(Edited 2h ago)

"the fact is Sony asked Microsoft 2 gens ago now to allow cross play and Microsoft said no"
"So don't call me a liar"

This statement is a lie, which by definition makes you a liar. Sony has NEVER asked neither MS or Nintendo to do cross-play what so ever, and if that wasn't obvious enough you would think that Sony having to be dragged kicking and screaming into it last generation and the new info we got from the leaked court documents would have made it even more so. The entire "Sony asked MS but MS said no"-bullshit was a lie made up by PS fanboys because Sony refused to do cross-play last gen which that made both Sony and the PS-platform look very bad and the PS fanboys desperately tried pushing the blame over on MS instead as a last resort. SImple as that.

Cross-play was not really up for debate during the PS3 and 360 era. Nintendo for the most part didn't have the same third party games as PS3 and 360, and when they did they were usually a completely different and toned down version which would have been incompatible. Cross-play between 360 and PS3 would also have been an extreme and/or an impossible challenge due to how terrible performance-wise and unsecured PSN was and also due to Sony's very slow patch verification process.

"Tons of other people all say the same thing"
"Hell look at this page, multiple people say the same thing."

That's your proof? A bunch of N4G PS fanboys repeating the same lie over and over every time this topic comes up? Sorry, but you are all wrong.

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