97 games support FPS Boost on Xbox Series now

Major Nelson: "Today, we're releasing our largest drop of games featuring FPS Boost to date, bringing the total titles boosted to 97, many of which are included in
@XboxGamePass and @EAPlay (included with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription)"

Mcardle3d ago

Just started Yakuza 6 last night, so great timing for me!!! Hopefully the rumoured Rez boost starts rolling out for some of these titles too.

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solideagle3d ago

does XBXS also decreases loading times? that would be awesome as well. I am assuming it is the way the games are coded and will have to patched by devs.

Duke193d ago

To your point, I imagine the biggest change with loading times would HAVE to come from developer involvement. So besides maybe just having faster hardware now, I imagine load time gains would otherwise be minimal?

darthv723d ago

Yes Series S improves load times on those games so long as they are installed to the SSD.

And I noticed 13 of the games arent supported on Series S. 84 of them are though, so thats good to know.

Concertoine2d ago

Yeah, I've been watching my friend play Prey on a Series S and it's like night and day compared to my One X

DJStotty1d 18h ago

Any game installed to the SSD of either the Series S or X, has improved loading times, regardless of any patches.

The same will apply to the PS5, any PS4 game installed will have a reduction on loading time.

Once we get to the next-gen games with full PS5/Series S|X SSD optimization, loading times will be down to minimal levels.

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Sayai jin3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Cool. Might give a few of these a go. Busy playing Returnal atm.

Edit: I just saw Dying Light on this list...sweet

iplay1up23d ago ShowReplies(14)
darthv723d ago

Batman arkham knight needs this support.

Kavorklestein3d ago

Yeah first game I looked for in the list as I'm trying to get all achievements.
Wish AC origins and Odyssey were on it too.
Still got lots of fun things to test out when I get home!

chiefJohn1173d ago

Bruh I still haven't played those yet wtf am I doing!!! Are they on GP?

Kavorklestein3d ago

No AC games are on GP.
I'm just meaning in general.

Arkham Knight is tho.

Tedakin2d ago

That game needs a resolution boost too. It's pretty jagged on Xbox One.

ocelot073d ago

This is pretty cool they main feature I would love on PS5.

Duke193d ago

For sure - people in here downvoting left and right are just because its only available on xbox right now. Its a very impressive feature that hopefully can become more common overtime (and on more platforms)

Flawlessmic2d ago ShowReplies(2)
Flawlessmic2d ago


Yea they had to throw 7 bill at a ready to go studios other wise they be up shit creek even more than they are now.

Can u tell me what games the ms studios have produced over the last 3-4 years.... ill wait :)

Im sure we can count them on one hand.

Father__Merrin3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Assassins creed unity and life is strange for me. Hopefully dishonered 2 soon

Orchard3d ago

+1 Dishonored 2. It’s hard to enjoy it at 30fps after replaying the first at 60.

Father__Merrin3d ago

I uninstall dishonered 2 last month when they started with fps boost the other 2 dishonered games have fps boost but I've already finished part 1 might have to pick up DOTO one day

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