New PSN game revealed: Trine writes:

"Nobilis and Frozenbyte have announced Trine, an action game-colored puzzle game taking place in a heroic-fantasy universe. Players will have the opportunity to create and manipulate objects according to their physical properties. These creations will then be used in solving puzzles or in the fight between the players to the inevitable evil creatures. In addition, it will be possible to choose the character any time you want to embody depending on the situation, the mage thief through the warrior, each with its own abilities. Trine is scheduled to be released on PC and on the Playstation Network early 2009."

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Dipso3697d ago

I'm loving the visual style for this one, beautiful colors very similar to Folklore.

Beast_Master3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Looks like PSN is kicking into high gear next year with: Home, Trine, Fat Princess, Crash Commandos, Punisher: Warzone, Flower, Pixel Junk next game, Savage Moon and Rag Doll Kung Fu. Plus the rumored Capcom deal. 09 looks better everyday for Sony. Now if they could just add a music download service we would be set!

ShinGundam3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

It is Awesome game everybody should watch this video ^_^

Kyur4ThePain3697d ago

That's purdy. Especially for a PSN game.
Bubbles for the video link.

sirbigam3697d ago

Nice LBP meets Prince of Persa

Storm233697d ago

Very impressed! Definitely picking this up when it comes out.