Computer Savvy Reviews: Scene it: Box Office Smash

CS writes: "It is a movie trivia game based on the Scene it? Board Game. It you have played the original Scene It? Lights Camera Action for Xbox 360, it is essentially an expansion with a few tweaks. For those that have played neither version, it is a series of movie trivia based mini games for up to 4 players (on an individual Xbox 360 or over Xbox Live). The types of mini-game range from guessing what a film is from sketches or pictures from a film to answering questions based on a movie clip. A typical short game lasts up to 20 minutes and the long game 45 depending on the type of mini game used and how long it takes to answer. I would recommend using the big button pads to play Scene it as it makes things a lot easier as the game is based around being played on the pads"

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