Rumour: StarCraft 2 Release Date: Q1 2009? has come across a printout of "Upcoming Games Releases in Singapore" for the next few months, and it shows StarCraft 2 to have a date set for a 1st quarter release in 2009.

Considering what we know so far, this is not an impossibility in fact, and the fact that several other titles are under "To Be Decided" (TBD) status of this Singapore-specific release schedule would imply that it's not the standard type of print, where retailers just set a date so they can add it to their systems.

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Dorjan3699d ago

No way? I thought it was still far off!

theCHUNK3699d ago

They still haven't even put this thing out for beta - I don't see how they could have it on the shelves in the first quarter.

Dorjan3699d ago

I agree. I would've heard about a closed beta but nothing. There is no chance!

Leord3699d ago

Well, we are going to see some info on the beta quite soon anyway, I think...

Considering they split up the game to three officially means they can focus their efforts more. I think they said months back they focus on SP, which is the main thing,. and the team is completely separate...

Dorjan3699d ago

That's true. Even more reason why it's unlikely

TheSadTruth3699d ago

there may actually not be a beta this time around

They've already announced that their entire division is testing the game on a regular basis inhouse, and they've been constantly letting people play at many events Blizzcon, Dreamhack, etc. This could have already been an informal, unannounced beta essentially.

The thing is, what they really need to do is stress test 2.0.

hay3699d ago

Unlikely but still would be awesome.

Leord3699d ago

Of COURSE there will be a beta. They already said the keys from BlizzCon are SC2 beta keys FFS!

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martynmj3699d ago

ohh so we won't have to wait too long for it then

Leord3699d ago

I would LOVE to have SC2 in my hands in Q1

Dorjan3699d ago

Keep wishing. Not going to happen!

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The story is too old to be commented.