Fragland: Gears of War 2 Review

Gears 2 aimed high and when Fragland read the first reactions after the release, they thought Epic Games really nailed it. After playing it themselves for hours they must revise their initial thoughts… at least a bit. While they took the multiplayer department from Gears 1 and turned it into what is undoubtedly the best multiplayer shooter on any console at this point, Epic Games did not succeed to deliver what many hoped for in the campaign. Don't get Fragland wrong, Gears of War 2 raises the bar for action shooters and will be hard to match but it does not seem impossible. By any standard this is a great game but it had the opportunity to be a brilliant one that would have known no equal for years to come.

* Multiplayer
* Co-op possibilities
* Better than the original
* Beautiful settings
* Excellent audio and visuals
* Augustus 'Coletrain' Cole
* Very epic experience
* Repetition never gets old

* Just lacking that extra little something to make this the best shooter ever
* A bit easy, even on Hardcore

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Thuper just thuper.