Limited Run Games to Begin Working with Xbox

Limited Run Games has built a reputation for themselves within the hardcore / collector gaming community. For years now, they’ve been producing collectible, hard copies of games for PlayStation and Nintendo platforms. The big question that’s often asked is, “Why not Xbox?”.

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KingofBandits267d ago

Id like to see The Medium get a boxed copy

jznrpg268d ago

Because people want to rent games on Xbox more than they want to buy games . I’m sure there is a market but it’s a lot lot smaller than Nintendo or PS .

Chevalier267d ago

The main reason was that the minimum print runs for Playstation and Nintendo are a lot smaller than Xbox. I heard Xbox was planning to drop their minimum, so its probably happening. They actually spoke about this in an interview they did a long time ago about how LRG got started and why they had the small runs. Basically they couldn't afford to sit on product so they went with the companies that had small print runs.

I think the Playstation runs were like 5000 units or so and Nintendo was 10,000 whereas Xbox their minimum was like 50,000. LRG is now doing a lot of open runs now, so they're doing well. Eyeing that Castlevania one they just put up.

PunksOnN4G267d ago

Lol it wwas already debunked about xbox movie their rates down

Chevalier267d ago

"Lol it wwas already debunked about xbox movie their rates down"

Maybe they're waving the publishing fees then? Not sure what has them working with Xbox, but, its great news that Xbox fans can get in more regularly with LRG goodness regardless

TheProfessional267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

That's such a stupid thing to say, "renting games" wasn't even around when LRG got started so thats obviously not it. Jealous of game pass much?

All these people slamming gamepass would love it if sony announced the same thing tomorrow. Sony fans on here are becoming like Nintendo fans, making ridiculous arguments to justify why they should pay $70 for a game (MLb 21) when you could play that same game and hundreds more for $15 a month. Way to defend giving more money to a giant corporation that doesn't care about you.

KingofBandits267d ago

Game Pass is a blessing and a curse. while you balk at the statement, its completely accurate. What exactly would you call Game Pass if not a rental service? Do you own the, do you get to continue using the games if you keep paying......yes, except when they remove the games....thats a rental service. No digital purchase is anything more then a extended rental with an unknown return date. The digital future is going to leave game preservation in the dumpster and everyone who supports it will in the near future own nothing and convince themselves they're happy about it.

Shiken268d ago

Give me a physical version of Nier Automata: Become as Gods please!

KingofBandits267d ago

thats never happening. Square is too big of a publisher if they wanted physical copies then they would have made them.

Shiken267d ago

I guess I will have to hope for a full gen 9 port then.

ocelot07268d ago

They not available on disc on Xbox?

autobotdan268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

You don't own a xbox so it doesn't matter to you/concern you

ocelot07268d ago

Jesus I asked a simple question. Some people on this site so unsociable and get your facts straight I recently got a cheap as chips og Xbox one for some old 360 games.

autobotdan267d ago

Sorry my bad this is a notorious xbox haters site. Look at all the disagrees I get for posting positive xbox comments. I thought you were one of them

autobotdan267d ago

Very difficult to take you seriously. I have all disagrees on all my comments here. Zero agrees. I never see you post anything positive decent on a Xbox article

FinalFantasyFanatic267d ago

I actually assumed Yakuza was available as physical on both Xbox and PS4, I thought it was digital only on PC for obvious reasons.

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KingofBandits267d ago

sadly its not going to happen, Sega is too large of a publisher to hand off production duties to a smaller company like this for one of their big franchises. Yakuza 7 got a disc release on Xbox as did Judgement so at least Sega is trying to put some faith in the Xbox brand, but sales will determine if those physical releases will continue

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