Microsoft Calls The Last of Us 2 "Significantly Ahead" of Anything on Console & PC in Leaked Review

The internal Microsoft The Last of Us 2 review has leaked, and it calls Naughty Dog's game "significantly ahead" of anything out on consoles & PCs.

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Community92d ago
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Jin_Sakai92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

They’re right. I only played a few hours as I’m still waiting for a 60fps PS5 patch. The small portion I played looked amazing though!

SullysCigar92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

They actually are right. What a turn up for the books!

Edit @below, good point sir.

excaliburps92d ago

Well, they can be honest and whatnot given it's supposed to be internal only. Wonder what they have to say about other Sony games.

VenomUK92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

In this review, Microsoft criticises TLOU1 gameplay it said it 'gave players little freedom of choice in the moment to moment gameplay.' This is valid, however I would say this is more of a criticism of the linear story-driven genre, and the developer's tight controls on narrative and gameplay is what made the first game so successful. The problem is that whilst open world game's give more 'freedom' it doesn't necessarily make them 'better'.

bouzebbal92d ago

I played it and hated it.. Nothing happens at anytime.. Joel disappearance was so badly executed

gamer780492d ago (Edited 92d ago )

@venom that’s a valid criticism that it doesn’t give choice . I’m okay with that not having choice given the story is satisfying . Unfortunately I just didn’t get any satisfaction out of playing that game.

kayoss92d ago

Joe's disappearance?
What are you talking about, did you even played the game?

92d ago
bouzebbal91d ago


Was not to spoil if shine haven't played it.. But was apparently not easy to understand

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Sonic-and-Crash92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

not at all ....generally all the media that were generally negative toward PS before ( now MS also) found LoUs2 very good ....i wonder why ? .....the game had serious design, plot and art direction problems . making it uninteresting ( having in mind that it is a game not a movie) for the gameplay ....Days Gone completely showed how its done with its true scavenging survival action ..that was dynamic and tense

HarryMasonHerpderp92d ago

What was so bad about the game design and art direction? I think if you are being objective I can't see how anyone can disagree that TLOU2 is at the very least a very well made game. You may have your own opinions about what kind of game styles that you personally like which is fine, but to be objective...come on now...Naughty Dog are one of the best game studios in the world it's just a fact.

leejohnson22292d ago

Game play was great but the story for me was nonsense and didnt come close to the first game, i just ignored the silly story and enjoyed the game play

Sonic-and-Crash92d ago (Edited 92d ago )


problems with art direction are that none of the characters is memorable ...remember that this is a game not a movie ...having oscar winning voice acting doesnt offer nothing to gameplay and immersion of the player ...character were colorless , dull and generic everyday people that dont fit in a game(exception is Ellie who had some game artistic values)

As from Game designing problems these were obvious with.. back and forth gameplay , past and contemporary disconected segments , 2 main characters (player cannt identify with none) , plot holes that are nt explained ...generally a mess

cd192d ago

I loved TLOU2, so what if I thought the 1st story was better. Each to their own, kid.

AspiringProGenji92d ago

Yes. We know it is not a game, not a movie? Your point? Can’t video games be realistic and have high production values that enhances the experience and make it feel real? Believable? It not the 2d era of games anymore

HarryMasonHerpderp92d ago (Edited 92d ago )


Hmm okay so the art direction is a pretty broad topic, I mean it's not just about the characters you've got the environments as well which are stunning you have to admit that. This game is supposed to be a dark and gritty mood piece so the characters are not going to have colours that pop out because that would make the characters at odds with the world. As for stand out features I think Ellie and Joel are pretty iconic at this point and even Abby (everyone loves her guns) ;) I guess maybe some of the side characters are bit forgettable? Either way you said that they look like dull everyday people, but I imagine that's deliberate since the game is going for a realistic tone. It's all good if that's not what you want in a videogame but we all have different tastes, me personally I can go from Mario to TLOU easily because I like different things.

Now game design, I don't think you realise how much work went into this. You've got things like affordance where the player is directed into different locations based on lighting or colours, things of interest and still make it blend into the world so you subconsciously follow it. You've got the rope mechanics which to my knowledge is a first for consoles at least, creating a kind of half life approach to some puzzles. I suppose there are sections that may seem disconnected but they are vastly improved from the original in scope letting you go at your own pace and explore. To keep that kind of exploration in a strict narrative is a balancing act which works more often than not in TLOU2.

So identifying with the characters again is subjective, if you didn't bond with any of them then that's unfortunate . In the end it seems to me that you just don't like these kinds of games which is fine. Like I said before though you're opinions are subjective and so are mine but TLOU2 is objectively a well made game and top tier in its genre. The game design is technically brilliant, the art direction accomplishes what it sets out to do (I mean it's one of if not the best looking game on PS4), It succeeds in telling a heavy narrative (whether you like that or not again is subjective) and the game is virtually bug free.

I appreciate if you read through all of this ;)

Christopher91d ago

1. That dog whistle of comparing it to a movie
2. Days Gone had dumb as rocks AI and in the most intense moments it wasn't about the peril so much as dealing with how few number of enemies would be affected by a bomb or world trap element because, again, AI was bad.

It was a good game, but trying to compare it to TLoUP2 because it didn't have a story you didn't like for gameplay is hilariously bad and you could have just assumed it up to "open world better always" or something silly.

Sonic-and-Crash91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

@Christofer playing Days Gone in some tense moments i really felt how LoUS2 should have been ....yes it is open world but nearly all its basic gameplay ( confrontations marauders , zombies, animals ) were well segmented, dynamic (constant dange from freakers) and perfect mechanically (gun play , basic AI as you say but functional , items managments usage etc) ....

LoUS2 felt like the movie ND always (basically its director) wanted to make ...battles are good but were almost so linear-ed to the point of scripted and be lets be honest AI wasnt that superior to DG (in small spaces ... also following the bad direction of cutting the infected battles to minimum and sci fi lore to 0 didnt help at all...for a player that wasnt interested in its basic story

Christopher90d ago

TLoUP2 AI is not at all linear and is dynamic. 100% false on your part there. It's like you're describing some of the area designs with the AI.

AI will track you and communicate with each other (they even all have their own names), AI will adjust to detecting you, to seeing you, to finding dead bodies, and more.

Sorry, you're just 100% wrong about the dynamic of battle in TLoUP2. It's one of the best use of AI out there for creating a realistic element of combat while not being "unfair" to the player.

Perhaps if you just run and gunned your way through it on easy you missed it? Otherwise, just not at all the truth.

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Iceman100x92d ago

This guy apparently has never played a pc game before.

Rude-ro92d ago

Please, I beg of you, list ten AAA pc exclusives in the last ten years...
My pc is begging for a unique AAA pc exclusive experience that is not an indie

Aussieguy92d ago

Is there a patch definitely coming? I hope so as well, but havent heard anything yet.

PrinceOfAnger92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Microsoft's review of last 2 before the release of Microsoft Flight Sim and Cyberpunk 2077, after which they took it's place and Digital foundry came and clarified everything and chose Cyberpunk 2077 (1)
Most impressive looking game "
The most impressive visulas of 2020.

Digital foundry
Best Game Graphics of 2020:
1. Cyberpunk (on pc)
2. Spiderman Miles Morales
3. Microsoft flight simulator
4. Half life Alyx
5. The last of us part 2
6. Demons souls
7. Doom eternal

Rude-ro92d ago

Funny how you would list cyberpunk (pc)
Yet leave our flight simulator (pc)

92d ago
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generic-user-name92d ago

Some PC folks won't like to hear this but it's true, it might not have the highest resolution or the highest framerates that graphic cards can produce, but it has the most believable animations in a super detailed world. Blood soaking through bandages over time, squinting when aiming, splattered chunks of brains sliding down the wall slowly, glass embedded in enemies faces, paper notes getting wet if you read them in water, the rope physics, pools of blood melting the snow, etc etc etc.

buffig92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Exactly this. Couldn't agree more. Too many people consider "best graphics" to mean, highest level of anisotropic filtering or TAA or any number of other setting ramped up to the extreme. However, that's just image quality. When God of War was released, to me it was the best graphic of any game I'd played, and I play on a decent gaming PC too. Because graphics to me are the things which are created by artists. I'm still wowed by driving in the rain in Driveclub. This is part of the reason why I'm always drawn to PlayStation. The artists and developers at their studios are at the very peak of the industry, which is something they've spent decades cultivating.

92d ago
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Iceman100x92d ago

yep game is shit though not crap.

92d ago
kayoss92d ago

Im not saying your interpretation of the game is wrong. Its a different perspective.
But what i got from the story is that this game is about vengeance and when you seek vengeance instead of forgiving. You end up losing more than what you started.
Abby wasnt meant to mirror joel. If anything Abby was opposite of Joel.

ibrake4naps92d ago

While I didn't care for the story, technically it's a masterpiece!

Iceman100x92d ago

Lol that stuff has been in games for year what rock have you been under?

Obelisk9292d ago

It's not about the features, it's about the quality of the features.
If you played TLoU2 it's pretty obvious the detail is insane.

92d ago
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kayoss92d ago

I mean, people need to consider the context of things as well. PC will always have the advantage and ceiling over console in terms of power. However, for naughty dog to optimize TLOU2 for the PS4 is nothing less than outstanding.

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MWH92d ago

I won't say a true gamer but i'll say an honest person will give credit were it's due, and Naughty Dog's visual quality is among the industry's finest. However, i think it's a mistake mixing games with bad politics.

generic-user-name91d ago

One lesbian couple simply existing, one woman who trained her body for revenge for years and one single character who was born in a female body but feels they are male, is not "bad politics".

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grifter02492d ago ShowReplies(7)
jBlakeeper92d ago

The level of polish is unmatched and the graphics are akin to games we will be seeing in the mid of the PS5 life cycle. Only wish it was 60 FPS because once you play a 60 FPS game 30 FPS feels slow.

InUrFoxHole92d ago

You're absolutely drunk if you think Mid gen will produce TLOU2 graphics. I think we'll get better than that this gen

Darkborn92d ago Show
iplay1up292d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Red Dead 2s world felt much more alive than TLOU2. Honestly, not that impressed with the first 3 hours I have put into TLOU2. I had to force myself to finish TLOU Remastered, before TLOU2 came out. The story is great, but the actual gameplay, not great.

Playing Gears 5 on Series X, is very impressive. 4K 60/120fps options(not 4K 120fps). I certainly think by mid current gen, we will see much more impressive graphics, on all systems. With TLOU2 Releasing not that long ago, Sony should have a free day one patch for PS5.

cd192d ago


You had to force yourself to finish the first and you don't like the 2nd...ever considered TLOU just isn't your type of game? Let others enjoy it and just go back to Gears.

InUrFoxHole92d ago

I agree with rd2 feeling more alive. Both companies are great

Bruh92d ago


Considering Microsoft has also put out gorgeous visuals such as those from FH4 and Gears 5. Tells me that when you aim for a 30 FPS threshold you tend to put out much better graphics than those aiming for a 60 FPS target. But ima let you tell me more world class engineer

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Iceman100x92d ago ShowReplies(2)
tombfan92d ago

At first yes, you notice... But after a few minutes your eyes start to adapt and it's not that noticable anymore.

Aussiesummer92d ago

The detail is pretty astonishing but some of it is faked, like teeth being sprayed out when hitting an enemy in the face with a bat, they don't lose their teeth at all, they just appear out off nowhere.

jznrpg92d ago

Well it was made to run on a PS4 that’s 1.8tb or something ?? They did an amazing job

Atticus_finch92d ago

??? Well yeah. Their clothing isn't real either it's flat textures.

buffig92d ago

Yeah, and Thanos didn't really click his fingers and make everybody disappear, that was all faked too. Same with the lightsabers in star wars. They're added afterwards!

Every game you've ever played has optical tricks like this. It's how games are made. From baked lighting to pre calculated physics, to swapping out textures and shaders on the same geometry. Are you suggesting any thing less than physically knocking out a characters teeth with deforming jaw geometry and flying teeth, with convincing physics, isn't good enough?