Genshin Impact: PS5 vs PS4 Pro - A 60FPS Upgrade Worth Waiting For?

Full PS5 support is added to developer Mihayo's surprise hit action RPG - a game with Unity engine at its core that struggled to deliver at 30fps on last-gen systems.

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blackblades214d ago

Of course it is, the loading is the main thing thats a pain, 2nd is the loud ps4 noise, 3rd close to 60 is better then lower then 30.

il-JumperMT214d ago

does it has cross progression yet?

Teflon02213d ago

This is what I want. While my PC runs the game flawlessly maxed for the most part. When I'm gaming on ps in a party I'd rather just play from that but can't sadly

v_eno_m213d ago

you do understand that your PC progress wont carry over to the PS version right and viseversa?

Soap_Z214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

The loading times improvement is more important for a smoothing gaming experience in Genshin

213d ago
v_eno_m213d ago

what concerns me is how big this mofo of a game will be once the entire map is finished. =(