'Wanted' Producer Bluntly Explains The Video Game Movie Pitching Process

Patrick Klepek from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"You, like me, might have been surprised to hear that GRIN, the folks behind the "Bionic Commando" revivals were adapting this summer's action movie "Wanted."

At a "Wanted" preview party in San Francisco this week, I talked to "Wanted" director and GRIN co-founder Ulf Andersson.

Andersson was a brutally honest guy, far less PR trained than most developers. So when I asked him how he decided to work on "Wanted," I anticipated an unscripted answer. I got it."

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Nineball21123694d ago

Interesting article...

I have my doubts about the "curving" bullets though. It seems kind of gimmicky, but eh... it might be cool too.