Here Are The Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In May 2021

Microsoft has updated the list of games that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass this May. Expect to see them removed from the service by May 15.

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Orchard699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Lots of old FIFA games leaving just as FIFA 21 arrives. I assume the old ones stay in for ultimate subscribers via EA Play - if anyone cares.

Alan Wake leaving is kinda bizarre - don’t Microsoft own the rights + were the publisher?

thecodingart699d ago

They were the publisher, but lost the rights a few years ago (this is why Control which is multiplat was able to reference it directly)

Orchard699d ago

Interesting. You’d think as the publisher they would be able to keep it in game pass though.

699d ago
ColdSin699d ago

They sold the rights to Remedy awhile back.

Sciurus_vulgaris699d ago

Microsoft never owned the Alan Wake IP, they only had publishing rights. MS sold back the publishing rights of Alan Wake to Remedy.

Magog699d ago

This is why I prefer Playstation Plus. Over 650 games and I never lose access to them.

King_Noctis699d ago

How many of those games are either new games or games that actually worth your time?

Magog699d ago

Playstation Plus has been offering brand new games every month for PS5 since it launched. Lots of other worthwhile games too. Far more than Gamepass.

AmUnRa699d ago

Same problem with XboxGamepass.

jznrpg699d ago

How many GamePass are new or worth playing ?

KingofBandits698d ago

A lot of the games in there are worth peoples time. Game Pass has more games and some that are day 1 releases yes however, the fact that games leave the service should fully point out that all digital games especially these are just extended rentals you don't own.

King_Noctis698d ago

“ How many GamePass are new or worth playing ?”

MLB The Show? Outriders? MS Flight Simulator? Those are day one on Gamepass. If not, then Star Wars Fallen Order? Star Wars Squadron? Forza Horizon 4? Gears 5? Those are just some examples.

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littletad699d ago

Playstation Plus is not the equivalent of gamepass. Do you lose your xbox live free games with gold too?

Jericho1337699d ago

650 games? More like 3-4 games a month.

I’d seriously recommend Alan Wake to anyone who hasn’t played it yet. Still holds up as a great narrative action game.

Magog699d ago

Which has added up over time to 670ish games so far.

Jericho1337699d ago

‘Over time’ so not really the same then is it. I see your point though.

traumadisaster699d ago

If you haven’t played it yet then pc 4k60 would be the best option, that games blacks and shadows on an oled has to be witnessed

Chevalier699d ago

"Over Time"

Doesn't Gamepass grow its library 'Over time?! Last I checked they did.

Jericho1337699d ago

Yes but you’ve got 300 off games available NOW, they’re not drip fed to you.

Both services have their merits though, no doubt about that.

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MadLad699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

No offense, but a vast majority of those games are complete shovelware. It's like going to a used game store looking to buy Wii games.

Zeref699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Unless you don't have Playstation Plus anymore...

Are you really arguing that PSPlus is better than Game Pass? 🤣

You Sony fanboys are getting really desperate

DJStotty697d ago


Wait, so if i subscribe to PS+ today, i have access to over 650+ games? Wow where do i sign?

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MadLad699d ago

Going to have to hurry up on FFIX. Started it a while ago, but have been sleeping on it. Still have the original Playstation version, but doesn't look nearly as good.

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