STALKER 2 Is a 3-Month Console Exclusive; Microsoft Will Increase Revenue Share for Xbox Games, Too

New documents reveal Microsoft plans to increase the developers' revenue share for Xbox games, too. We learned the exclusivity length for STALKER 2 as well.

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XiNatsuDragnel391d ago

3 months whelp PC version for me then.

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annoyedgamer391d ago

That's the best version, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by playing it on a good PC.

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XxINFERNUSxX390d ago

Exactly, best to get the superior version why settle for less. 👍😀

Pickledpepper390d ago

Whelp, good for you then. Thank god you told us that really useful piece of information, I will definitely sleep better tonight.
Just enjoy the game whatever you game on.

gravedigger385d ago (Edited 385d ago )


Quote :

The series x outperforms the ps5, it is marginal but it still outperforms LOL.


It is marginal advantage, and PS5 is almost 2 TF weaker and with less bandwidth. Yes, it's a win for PS5 because it is 99,5% the same as XSX version. But people claimed that XSX is almighty full RDNA 2 12TF and it is destined to win every face off. As long XSX won't have a resolution, framerate and graphical advantage at the same time over PS5 in analysis, it's a win for PS5.

Anyway, sorry for posting it in another thread.

Pickledpepper385d ago

But the series x still outperforms the ps5 so I cant see how you call this a win.
If this game was made for current gen only it might have outperformed even more.
I'm not slating the ps5 as I own 1 myself, its delusional fan boys spitting out their dummies over who's piece of plastic is better.
Choose what suits you and stop worrying about what other people have chosen.

DJStotty389d ago

Gamepass for me bro.

Full price for PS/PC gamers

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green391d ago

Stalker 2 exclusivity period is not nearly as a big of a deal as increasing developer share of revenue hosted on the store from 70% to 88%. That is massive for the devs.

NeoGamer232391d ago

I don't know why anyone would disagree with giving developers a greater share sales on any app store.

Developers make games, give them more money so they can make better games.

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got_dam391d ago

It happens all the time. Gamers are a tribal people. Microsoft being any kind of pro-consumer is a personal slightly on the Sony fans, and the other way around. People need their purchase validated. Any perceived threat to that feeling of validation cannot be tolerated. This is the attitude that emboldens the shitty behavior from corps like Sony and MS. The die hard fans spend more than enough to make up for any loss of business from the reasonable folk out there.

Silly gameAr390d ago

He's probably getting downvotes because it's false, but yeah. Let's make this about how fanboys hurt everyone's feelings.

CantThinkOfAUsername390d ago

Because most of the time actual developers don't see a dime of that money. They already got paid developing the game and they get pennies as bonuses. It's the publishers' suits that amass all that money and give their executives a big fat cheque.

NeoGamer232390d ago

True, publishers do get a lot of money. And in the movie industry studio owners get a ton of money and the music industry record labels get a ton of money.

But, these entities have to get a certain level of product for it to sell as expected, so, in the game industry they pay development studios. If they don't give enough of a share to development studios they won't get a good enough product to sell, and development studios can't take it all because they don't have the ability to market like the publishers do. The world balances this automatically. But if publishers get more money it doesn't only go to them. Usually the agreement is a percentage, so if the game is getting more money the development studios get it too.

OptimusDK390d ago

@CantThinkOfAUsername ... you know you can selfpublish on xbox right
- especially if you want to go on gamepass you will also get the "free" advertising you get there.

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Obscure_Observer391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

"Stalker 2 exclusivity period is not nearly as a big of a deal as increasing developer share of revenue hosted on the store from 70% to 88%. That is massive for the devs."

I can see tons of new games FIRST on Xbox and Windows 10 PC going forward. It will help developers greatly and above all that, some studios might even consider to keep their games prices at $60!

This is an amazing move by Phil Spencer! *-*

Keep the good work guys! :)

TheTony316390d ago

Update: “We have no plans to change the revenue share for console games at this time,” says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge about these documents.

Obscure_Observer390d ago


“We have no plans to change the revenue share for console games at this time,”

Keyword: *At this time.*

Based on those documents, they´re clearly looking into it. They´re just not ready to announce it yet. :)

Nyxus390d ago

They sent out another statement:

"We will not be updating the revenue split for console publishers,” says a Microsoft spokesperson. Microsoft still refuses to answer whether the document is inaccurate, or simply that plans changed."

neutralgamer1992390d ago

Absolutely if it helps the developers and indies

but you know what happens a lot of times these big greedy publishers will release their games and get a bigger share of the profit and still include microtransactions. So it's a win for the small guy and more greed for the big publishers

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LordJamar390d ago

No one cares especially Sony fanboys sense they can’t use it as ammo you won’t hear much about it

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RaidenBlack391d ago

Just 3 months, then? Not even a year.
"No Plans for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 on PS5"

Bathyj391d ago

That's just Dev talk for we can't talk about it yet.

Drew345390d ago

That is EXACTLY what it is. That did the same thing with Dirt 5, talking about they chose Microsoft's system because to put their game on because its its hardware allowed them to build the game their team had in mind with no limitations. Then they said the game was going to run at 120fps just to announce literally 2 months later that they were also bringing the game to the PS5 and that it will also run at 120fps followed by the hardware in the Series X won't provide any advantages to the hardware in the PS5.

So no, because Microsoft was hyping the game, they likely don't want to talk about Sony's system yet.

SullysCigar391d ago

First article I thought of too - literally 2 days ago lmao

LucasRuinedChildhood391d ago

I read that article the other day and burst out laughing when I saw the headline of this article.

dazsarge391d ago

Update: “We have no plans to change the revenue share for console games at this time,” says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge about these documents.

Silly gameAr391d ago

Is someone making up stuff for Microsoft again?

SullysCigar391d ago

Just like the Gaming bolt article on the front page of N4G the day before yesterday, titled:

"No Plans for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 on PS5, Game Pass One of the Reasons Behind Xbox Console Exclusivity"

Can MS even understand the concept of honesty?

GottaBjimmyb391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

@sully "Can MS even understand the concept of honesty?"

What does a leak from a random person have to do with MS being dishonest. You guys try way too hard to hate on MS on this site.

Obscure_Observer390d ago

"Is someone making up stuff for Microsoft again?"

Or Playstation. Same "leaker". Work both ways.

Silly gameAr390d ago


Yeah, but one gets made up good news, and one gets made up bad news.

Orchard390d ago

@SullysCigar Not just MS. That’s how corporations roll. Name me an honest gaming corporation (or any major corporation for that matter)... I’ll hold.

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jznrpg390d ago

Well how could they what are they releasing anytime soon??

Elda391d ago

Guessing it'll release on the PS5.

Obscure_Observer390d ago

"Guessing it'll release on the PS5."

Certainly. When comes to next gen games, there´s only two brands in the console exclusivity field.

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