Morrowind: The game that started modern Elder Scrolls turns 19

First arrival at sunny Seida Nin, first stolen alabaster dish, first rock rider killed. It all started 19 years ago. It was then that Bethesda released the game that started the modern Elder Scrolls. Morrowind saved Bethesda from bankruptcy and became the first part of the series to hit the Xbox.

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BlackIceJoe44d ago

With the next Elder Scrolls game most likely four years away from coming out, it would be great if Bethesda would bring out a remake of Morrowind to hold us Elder Scrolls fans out, while we wait for the next game.

jznrpg44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

A proper remake would take a long time . The assets are just too old to use . The AI a needsa lot of work for modern day games and the game overall needs balancing and to be more difficult , I did up the difficulty slider a lot but it wasn’t balanced that way . But it was the best 3D Elder Scrolls to me by far . Oblivion wasn’t bad but they dumbed it down from Morrowind , and Skyrim was worse . Stupid sprint button bleh. They need to add a lot to the new Elder Scrolls to make it closer to Morrowind but they want the casual/broader market crowd and made the game easier with less mechanics instead of what a lot of rpg fans were hoping for , deeper mechanics and systems , deeper quest lines and a great story like Morrowind .Taking out levitate , Athletics and Acrobatics sucks . Levitate would make them work hard on world design so they just took it out and were lazy with what they made after Morrowind but unfortunately it made $$ and they won’t change it to deeper mechanics and such. I hope I’m wrong because I loved Elder Scrolls especially Morrowind and before but since it’s been ok games but not better games .

Kados44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

64bit 4k upgrade of Oblivion with OBGE+OCR+Qarls, on PS5/XSX and call it a day.

There are similar mods available for Morrowind they could use for an official rerelease also, but i can't remember the names atm. Neither would take much effort.

jznrpg44d ago

Great game . Too bad they downgraded Elder Scrolls ever since but with slightly better graphics . They could have taking ES farther but all they did was make it easier with less mechanics instead of more and added a lake ass sprint button . Oh well , they chased the broader market instead of making a deeper rpg and it worked for their $ but the games have suffered since and hardcore rpg fans have been left behind .

Kados44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

To be fair, Morrowind was technically a massive downgrade from Daggerfall also. Probably a bigger downgrade than Oblivion was compared to Morrowind, or even Skyrim compared to Oblivion. Every TES since Daggerfall has been a downgrade from the prior one, Morrowind was just the first TES game for 99.9% of people, so most people never noticed.

knightedHollow43d ago

Most people havent played Morrowind. It reached real mainstream with Skyrim. It wasnt made for 99.9% of people at all. I know so many that were put off by it.

Kados43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Sorry, i worded that badly. I meant most people who have played Morrowind, have not played Daggerfall. Morrowind, as the article says, is the first "modern" TES game. Very few people have played the older ones.

Orchard44d ago

Very fond memories of playing this as a kid on PC and OG Xbox and being blown away by it.

GaboonViper44d ago

Ah yes i remember buying this for my Xbox day one and being hooked on it for weeks, can't believe it's been 19 years, the golden age of gaming during that era.

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