Even Ratchet’s Eyes are Ray Traced in Rift Apart

You will have all heard this reference every time a Ratchet & Clank game is released; “it looks like a Pixar movie” and every time it rings truer. We all watched the gameplay in April’s State of Play. I expected it to be detailed, but I wasn’t expecting this…

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Thundercat7742d ago

This game is going to be an instant classic masterpiece. Nothing like it on any other console.

purple10142d ago

Did you like when they showed the " what's to come" footage at the end of all the gameplay.

I think there's a lot more to come and I did not show the best bits even!

Looks amazing.

Mr Logic42d ago

Why? I'm being genuine here. It looks REALLY REALLY good visually, but it doesn't seem to play different than other Ratchet games. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, but as someone who has never been able to get into the series it's really not that exciting to me personally.

northpaws42d ago

It is a Ratchet and Clank game, why should it play different than a Ratchet and Clank games? It is not turning into a Call of Duty or Mario Odyssey.

The biggest changes are new weapons, new level designs (because of the SSD), new story, crazy good visual, haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, 3D audio... and there are many things they haven't shown us yet, that is more than enough or make me purchase day one.

jukins42d ago

Lol i get not liking it but "it doesnt seem to play different...." it wouldn't be ratchet if it didnt play like ratchet

nRicosS42d ago

Of course it doesn't different. What do you expect? Football sim?

Mr Logic42d ago

I think some of you have so much fanboying in your veins it affects your ability to read. I never said it was a bad thing in general that it is like Ratchet games. I'm asking what makes it an "instant classic masterpiece"? I recognize that the Ratchet games are good or even great, but they've never been considered masterpieces. Since this is more Ratchet what separates this from other Ratchet games to become a classic?

Bluemaster7742d ago

You hit the nail right on the head. “Next gen” visuals same gameplay from 2009.

yeahokwhatever42d ago

"what makes it an instant classic masterpiece?" umm the same thing thats made almost every R&C game a masterpiece. Expert level design, character design, writing, pacing, gameplay, and visuals. R&C is top notch in everything it attempts, historically speaking. This is the first gen since ps2 where something truly different was possible. its going to be perfect.

nRicosS42d ago

Lol don't have valid argument, then address another people as fanboy and don't have ability to read.
Mr. Logic doesn't fit you, Mr. Butthurt sounds great

BlaqMagiq142d ago

You said it yourself you can't get into the series, therefore you don't understand. It doesn't have to innovate gameplay wise to be a classic.

42d ago
Mr Logic42d ago

Okay this is my last chance at trying to be reasonable with you people. I'm not attacking the PS5, Sony, PlayStation, Insomniac, etc. I own a PS5, and a PS3, and I like the Resistance series and I like Spider-Man and I RECOGNIZE that the R&C games, at least the mainline, have always been really great games, but just so happen to not be for me. Okay? Have we got that out of the way? Do we understand that the questions I'm asking are not to be provocative? I literally am just wanting to know what I'm not seeing and I want that without fanboy goggles on.

Nobody calls R&C games masterpieces. Wake up.

I don't have an argument P.E.R.I.O.D. I'm just asking a question and then suddenly getting pounded for doing so.

Convenient wording, aye? You choose to address "classic" instead of "masterpiece". I think that says it all.

P.S. "you don't understand" Without actually explaining what you're talking about just makes you sound like some snooty rich person bragging about their expensive wine that doesn't even taste all that good. I know R&C is good and just not for me. I'm asking what separates this one except for the visuals.

*golf clap*
Top notch comment there buddy. I won't be playing this game actually, and it's not because I'm some jealous fanboy that has to crap all over this game to feel better about purchasing an Xbox. I own a PS5 and this game simply doesn't appeal to me. And guess what? That's FINE. That's a good thing. I buy PS consoles because of the variety. I don't have to worship every first party game.

P.S. I did play some of Crackdown 3. Frankly, I did not have a very good time. I struggled through about 2 hours and then called it quits. Oh well, at least it only cost me $1.

BlaqMagiq141d ago (Edited 41d ago )

"Nobody calls R&C games masterpieces. Wake up."

The PS2 and early PS3 R&C games were called masterpieces. But you don't know anything about the series to know that.

"Convenient wording, aye? You choose to address "classic" instead of "masterpiece". I think that says it all.

Wow so because I didn't use the word masterpiece I don't think it will be one? Fine. I think it will be a masterpiece. Happy now?

"P.S. "you don't understand" Without actually explaining what you're talking about just makes you sound like some snooty rich person bragging about their expensive wine that doesn't even taste all that good. I know R&C is good and just not for me. I'm asking what separates this one except for the visuals.""

Aside from playing like the classic games of old, it allows for multi-dimensional traversal in real time with no loading, which wouldn't be possible except on PS5, and are playing with multiple protagonists, on top of having the classic Ratchet gameplay of old.

You act like you're just asking a question but in reality you sound like you don't like the fact people are excited for this game simply because you don't care about the game or the series for that matter.

cd141d ago

As someone who has never been able to get into the series I wouldn't expect you to see this game in the same light as others may see it. The fans obviously like that style of gameplay so why would they want to change it? Change just for the sake of it has never made sense to me.

Being a PS5 exclusive the big difference will be felt as opposed to only being seen this time around and if Insomniac use the pad anywhere near as well as Housemarque have in Returnal we are in for a real treat.

On a side note I do hope Insomniac manage a 1440p60 with RT mode like they did with Spiderman - I understand they are different games though...

Graey41d ago

I see what you are trying to convey. I love the Ratchet and Clank series. When I get a PS5 I'm definitely picking this up. It is one of my all-time favorite series actually. Love the guns and hopefully, they can be modded this time around. I do see what you mean in terms of doing something new with the series. Like how God Of War was changed, or like that Zelda game for the switch was changed from how traditionally these games typically are. It is a shame that we can't disagree and have sound reasons why and also have good common sense rebuttals.

I've never thought of this series in terms of Masterpieces, although definitely classics. Then again I don't think of Mario as a masterpiece either. They are very nostalgic and It is hard for me to give an example of what a masterpiece game might be. When I was younger I would have easily said FF7, however now that I'm older and graphics have changed I probably would not.

Can you or anyone provide examples of what they see as games that are Masterpieces?
Classics on the other hand are easy to name. Metal Gear Solid, FF7, Pokemon, Zelda, Mario etc.

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outsider162442d ago

And this is just the beginning. Imagine in 3-4 years time.

Aussiesummer42d ago

Imagine what beast naughty dog have brewing.

yeahokwhatever42d ago

probably the last of us again, which will be a slow, depressing slog that takes itself way too seriously. im hoping they do a different series entirely.

elazz42d ago

@yeaho: Neil Druckmann confirmed that although there is a story outline written that they are not working on that at the moment. So it seems to be a new IP.

Ausbo41d ago

I wish we could get a last of us patch to get a glimpse on what their next game could look like

SullysCigar42d ago

This is what I love. There aren't many developers that go the extra mile like Insomniac. Just beautiful.

GaboonViper42d ago

I love Rivet already, being voiced by Jennifer Hale is the icing on the cake.

yeahokwhatever42d ago

Hale you say? man, i hope they bring back Resistance. That was a great series.

42d ago
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