A 5-Year-Old Just Beat 'Bloodborne': An Interview

A 5-year old has just beaten the notoriously difficult souls like, Bloodborne. We spoke with his father.

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ArchangelMike42d ago

Hmm... I can't even... I don't even know where to begin with this one.

Congratulations to the kid I guess. Zero points for the dad.

I would be majorly surprised, and concerned if the kid's mom knew he was playing bloodbourne. I'm not one who belives that violence in youth and young adults is because of video games. That's just very poor scapegoating.

However, there are things that do affect the development of children and their psyche in other ways; and you cannot tell me that a 5 year old child should be exposed to bloody-gore and horror for a protracted period of time - for the sake of anything. Much less, the bragging rights of a dad who thinks they are somehow doing the kid a favour.

The fact that the dude posted this on a social media platform in today's climate, tells me that he is just reckless. How long until the social service get wind of it. I'm sure they won't see the "cool-gamer-dad" side of things.

Eamon42d ago

Yeh I agree that was reckless. Kids can get a lot of serious trauma being exposed to scary and/or violent media. Especially kids who haven't reached teenagehood. BB can be a very scary and violently intense game. I still remember the chilling experience of Upper Cathedral Ward. Can't imagine that location being in any way suitable for a kid to experience.

goldwyncq42d ago

The kid wouldn't have lasted that long if he was scared. Don't tell me you guys never played M-rated games when you were kids. Sure, 5 might be a bit on the young side but as far as M-rated games go, it's actually one of the tamer ones.

Eamon42d ago

When I was kid, it was the era of SNES, N64, Dreamcast, PS1. Don't think any M-rated games would have been nearly as scary back then as today just because of the technological limitations.

jwillj2k441d ago (Edited 41d ago )

@Eamon technology is a factor, but hand drawn images can be just as gruesome. I was playing an snes emulator with my kids and picked a random beatem up game. It starts out with images of a guy being split at the torso with a sword, followed by a woman’s head being sawed off from behind with a sword. Had to turn it off ASAP but the damage was done. Now my son always brings it up like “remember when!” 🤦‍♂️

goldwyncq42d ago

I was watching gory horror films by the age of 8 and I turned out fine. Don't presume that all kids are the same — some can handle scary stuff at a much younger age, some can't, so it's ultimately up to the parents to determine what their children can consume.

ArchangelMike41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Don't presume that you turned out fine. It's the people around that can tell you if you turned out fine or not.

goldwyncq41d ago

And you know nothing about what the people around me think of me so...what exactly is your point?

ArchangelMike41d ago

My point is straight forward. Of course you're going to say it didn't affect you. Everybody does. Unfortunately it's the people around you that can see the truth in your behaviour. I used to be a probation officer for many years. I've met the worst psychopaths. They also all think they turned out fine.

Funny that.

andy8541d ago

Been playing violent games since I was a child, never so much as hit anyone. It's upbringing that shapes a person not games

goldwyncq41d ago

So in your eyes, everyone who's ever consumed age-inappropriate stuff when they were children somehow ended up as damaged psychos even if they wouldn't admit it to themselves?

Any studies to back up that claim?

ArchangelMike41d ago

You're extrapolating what I said to reach a false conclusion. No I don't think "eveyone who's ever consumed age inapropriate stuff when they were children somehow ended up as damaged psychos.

But here's my point - the ones that actually DID end up as damaged psychos, all think they turned out ok.

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OneGreenMRAJ41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I think violent video games are really only an issue if you have bad parents. I remember playing Mortal Kombat as a kid, but my mom raised me well, so things like violent games and movies didn't really have a negative impact on me. I think video games are too often are scapegoated for bad parenting. That being said, you probably should let your kid get a bit older before playing a game like that, out of prudence if nothing else. The game is probably kinda scary for a 5 year old.

Fntastic42d ago

The reason adult games have ratings is because little kids can't handle it, same as horror films. I mean you wouldn't let a child play an adult anime game like Senran Kagura since you may as well hand them a playboy magazine instead. They just don't have the mindset to understand it.

On top of that it's extremely inappropriate unless you want to be known for teaching your kid about porn and filthy language, seems kinda backwards tbh.

goldwyncq42d ago

Nah, the main reason why games have age ratings is to protect the gaming industry from angry parents who would sue them if their children get exposed to things they deem inappropriate. It's less about protecting kids and more about protecting the entities creating mature content. Content ratings are mere suggestions, not the law. A parent could buy GTA for their kid and they wouldn't be arrested for it.

lodossrage42d ago

@Fntastic and Goldwyncq

You're both right.

The ratings ARE meant to make parents aware of what's "appropriate" for their children and what isn't. But the issue is more along the line of what goldwyncq is saying. The ESRB only came about because parents were crying about games like Mortal Kombat and Night Trap in the 90's. So the ESRB was made to rate what was "safe" for kids similar to the movie industry.

The real issue is though parents STILL buy these games for kids and STILL say it's the game industry at fault. Despite having the ratings VERY CLEARLY on the box of these games.

The big issue is that you have parents that want to pass the problems and responsibility of how their children are raised onto someone else rather than doing their damn job and doing it themselves.

Kran42d ago

Sorry but why the hell is a 5 year old allowed to play an 18+ game?

Impressive sure, but what parent is even allowing that?

SpinalRemains13841d ago

Hes allowed because his father doesn't see issue with fantasy destroying a child's brain.

BlaqMagiq142d ago

I mean while it's a cool feat, why is the parent letting them play this young?

SullysCigar42d ago

Mad skills, if true, but a 5 year old playing an 18+ game is just plain bad parenting and there's no excuse for it.

SpinalRemains13841d ago

Bloodborne isn't exactly the uncut version of the Exorcist. I think you're being a tad dramatic.

SullysCigar41d ago

Lol the kid is five years old. Your quip amused me, but it's hardly the point.

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