Quantic Dream to continue Switch support, but no Detroit, Beyond: Two Souls, or Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream has long been known as a PlayStation developer. Now, however, the company has started to venture out on its own. After making well-known narrative games like Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream has started to self-publish, and is even working with other developers as well.

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Applejack53d ago

Can’t wait for their next project whatever it might be! I love their style of game where choices really do matter. It’s crazy how much TLC was put into Detroit Become Human in particular.

neutralgamer199253d ago

Yeah I don't think Sony would allow them for those games on switch. They do still own the IP's. On pc made sense cause they got all the potential sales from consoles plus sony has invested like half of billion in epic so allowing it on their store makes sense

septemberindecember53d ago

Wonder if they might port omikron or indigo prophecy to switch.

jukins53d ago

Wanted to like the last title they released but it just didnt have whatever their previous titles had. Maybe it was the story but i didnt bother to get the 2nd episode i was so let down

jznrpg53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Heavy Rain was my favorite of all of them . Indigo Prophecy is great too